The Buck 50: The Birth of an Epic Trail Race

by Bill and Naomi Hoffman"The idea of traversing a staggering 32+ miles through remote wilderness may seem like a foreign concept to 99% of the population. However, the growing sport of ultra trail running routinely has people doing that and more." …
while training for the Wakely Dam Ultra…Placid Trail from Wakely Dam to Piseco Airport

Wakely Dam 55K Ultra

by David Roy"Wakely Dam 55K is a low key, old school ultra ... It wasn’t even on my radar until Bill Hoffman brought it to my attention. Words have meaning.... For full article, click here
by David Roy Wakely Dam 55K is a low key…The Wakely Dam crew will wait for everyone to finish…The Wakely Dam Crew will be waiting for each and every runn


by Bill HoffmanTwelve years ago, at the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, Bill Hoffman became hooked on distance running and we do mean hooked. He has run numerous ultras including 100 Milers and it wasn't until recently... …
Every year since the first time I ran the Wakely dam ultra I have run it. This year I would have

Runner Interview – Bill Hoffman

During our cold winter days, do you brave poor weather conditions or stick indoors on the treadmill? If you do run outside, what safety measures do you take?I really hate treadmills. I think out of 23,000 or so miles I have run since I started running, on…
I think my favorite race is Wakely Dam Ultra. I first ran it in 2013 and have not m…26 2014 Wakely Dam Ultra

Only 12 Miles to Go: Cascade Crest 100 Miler

by Bill HoffmanImagine running from Albany to Lake George and back in one day and in sandals. That's what Bill Hoffman did. He narrates his epic Odyssey through the Central Cascades of Washington State and gives thanks at the end to his wife Naomi for cre…
also cleared by the orthopedic doctor to run Wakely Dam Ultra. This is a 34 mile unsupported trail r

Taconic Crest Trail Ultra Adventure

by Bill HoffmanWhile some get involved with virtual runs, Bill and his companions create glorious events to challenge themselves with, no matter the heat. The Taconic Crest Trail, 37 miles long, is close to the Capital District and extends into the border…
Wakely Dam

Women and Trail Running

by Bill HoffmanWomen are well represented running on roads, but not trails. Bill Hoffman interviewed a score of female trail runners to gather data to analyze why this is so. From the responses he received, he hypothesizes on why there are fewer women run…
there were 9 women finishers at Wakely Dam Ultra out of 66 runners in 2019. I must add

Winter Trail Running Pleasures at Moreau

by Bill HoffmanBill has run this 58 times, so this is a pro speaking. You could also ask his dog if you doubt Bill. He says he knows what you are thinking, that he is crazy, but Moreau is an often overlooked gem that you can enjoy throughout the winter an…
k to Moreau until I started training for the Wakely Dam Ultra. J took me on the 15K race course

Roaring Back from Injury: Interview with Steve Sweeney

by Christine BishopSteve, an ultra-runner extraordinaire, seriously injured himself at the beginning of the year. Several months later he was on the road to recovery and adventurously started his comeback in a glorious manner with an 100K race. Steve disc…
ar with roads. Although both ran the 32 mile Wakely Dam this year. That race is self supported

You don't need a Race for an Ultra Adventure: Or 19 hours hard labor for a bowl of noodles

by Bill HoffmanBill and two of his "crazy runner friends" decided to make their own ultra. Near dusk on May 31, they set off from the Bear Mountain Bridge with the goal of reaching the George Washington Bridge 55 miles away in about 15 or 16 hours. "Optim…
ces are independently run trail ultras. Both Wakely Dam Ultra and the Shawangunk Ridge Trail

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