How to Get a PR

by Ryan CooperRyan Cooper aka "The Mayor" and Carmela Giodarno, both noted Nark Strength runners, paired together to help Carmela achieve a PR in Mat Nark's signature fall event, the Run4 the River Half Marathon, which saw around 400 runners cross the fin…
by Ryan Cooper September 2nd was finally here and the t… Stronger. Faster. Further. Ryan Cooper is the VP of Business Development for IEA In

Smoke from Canadian Wildfires Endangers Our Region

by Christine BishopWho would believe we would be wearing masks again and heading to our basement exercise equipment instead of outdoors. On June 7, smoke encompassed our region darkening the sky and emitting a smell like a damp fireplace. The Pace Setter …
Ryan Cooper Yes

2023 New Bedford Half Marathon’s Tsunami of PRs for Team Nark

by Ryan CooperLeaving early in the morning the day of the race, Team Nark was hoping to set records on a course notorious for some incredible hills, cold temperatures and winds, but also known for beautiful vistas. Spirits were high as they set out to sma…
by Ryan Cooper On March 19th nine members from Nark Rac…er. Faster. Further. Ryan Cooper is the VP of Business Development for IEA In

How Not to Hibernate During the Winter

by Ryan CooperRyan gives us good tips on how to cope with winter weather and win. His position on the treadmill is controversial, but has merit. He could be right. For full article, click here
by Ryan Cooper Ryan Cooperay Warm. Stronger. Faster. Further Ryan Cooper is the VP of Business Development for IEA In

2022 Favorite Races and 2023 Planned Races

by Members of the HMRRCOver 35 runners responded to this question and their answers ran across the board. At the end of the responses, there is a poem by HMRRC Poet Laureate Brina Seguine that encapsulates the running year of 2022. For fu…
Ryan Cooper I would say the H2H in April was my fav

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

by Ryan CooperRyan started running in 1999 but it wasn't until he met Coach Mat Nark that his running really took off. He describes his first two races with Mat coaching him: The Helderberg to Hudson Marathon in April this year followed by the Miles on th…
by Ryan Cooper 1st Ryan Cooper aka The Mayor M40…le back and run the final mile with him. Ryan Cooper is the VP of Business Development for IEA In

Ask Theresa: Diet and Nutrition for Athletes

by Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo, RDThis month Dr. DeLorenzo tackles questions about what to eat before a race, carb loading for marathons, and foods that can cause cramping when running. For full article, click here
RD Ryan Cooper What is a good meal to eat the night be… Ryan Cooper A meal that contains a mixture of carbo

The True Road Warriors

by Christine BishopOn New Year's Day an annual HMRRC event occurs: the Hangover Half Marathon and the 3.5 miler. This is incredible since the races happen after New Year's Eve celebrations and the weather on January 1 can be horrendous. …
05 56 Ryan Cooper M 40 Clifton Park 1

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