2024 Electric City 10K

by Josh MerlisThe Electric City 10K had over 1100 people in 2024 becoming the largest spring road race. Read on to learn about this event and the production details that came along with it. For full article, click here
by Josh Merlis https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2024/april/2024-electric-city-10k

HMRRC 2024 Running Schedule & Your Fav Races of 2023 and 2024 Goals

The HMRRC Race Schedule for 2024 is out and now is the time for you to plan your 2024 race calendar. In addition, a list of member favorites for 2023 were added. If you would like to add your favorite 2023 races to the article, use the link at the bottom …
Picture by Paul Knapick Josh Merlis My favorite race of 2023 https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/december/hmrrc-2024-running-schedule-your-fav-races-2023-and-2024-goals

Squirrely Six and the Hairy Gorilla Half-October 29, 2023

by Chris Bishop, Danielle Eckler, Tom Dansereau, Aaron Major and Bill HoffmanEven though this year's weather was brutal, the Hairy Gorilla participants loved every muddy minute. The array of costumes was spectacular with people actually running in them. S…
Josh Merlis Ed and Jen as Amer…nd Taylor Swift Race Creator and Director Josh Merlis gave a special shoutout to Ed and Jen Hampst https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/november/squirrely-six-and-hairy-gorilla-half-october-29-2023

September’s Articles: In Case you Missed Them

September's issue included a lot of exciting race descriptions. The Tawasentha 5K race series newly hosted by Kari and John Deer at times looked like an Army recruiting film, with runners holding onto a rope going through a waist-high rain filled stream. …
awasentha XC 5K Summer Series Replacing Josh Merlis and John Kinnicut https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/october/septembers-articles-case-you-missed-them

Marie-Ange Brumelot: Athlete of the Month

The female winner of the Run4 the River Half Marathon, 30 year old Marie-Ange is an elite runner who hails from France and with her husband, runs a coaching business: Coach Medina NYC. She started running 10 years ago and you will enjoy her reason why. In…
Josh Merlis in back https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/october/marie-ange-brumelot-athlete-month

Run4 the River Half Marathon 2023 – a Race to Remember

by Chris BishopThe Run4 the River Half Marathon was a good race to practice for the upcoming HMRRC MHR Half Marathon on October 8. The results of the Run4 the River Half were spectacular with a duel between Stephen Paddock and Ricardo Estremara for first …
was highlighted by the wonderful emceeing of Josh Merlis. He was informative https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/september/run4-river-half-marathon-2023-race-remember

John and Kari Deer: New Directors of HMRRC Tawasentha XC 5K Summer Series

Replacing Josh Merlis and John Kinnicut, who did a splendid job directing the HMRRC Tawasentha XC 5K Summer Series for years, John and Kari Deer volunteered to take over the directorship. They kindly answered questions about why they did this, how they go…

July Races: Weather was Hot and So Were the Runners

by Chris BishopIn the winter, races are at a crawl, but during the summer, races are popping up everywhere with more to come in the Dog Days of August! Heat seems to have no impact on our hardy and energetic runners. Enjoy reading the results of the major…
Josh Merlis https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/august/july-races-weather-was-hot-and-so-were-runners

Freihofer’s Race for Women Redux

by Kristen Hislop, Race DirectorWhat's it like to direct a race that involves thousands of runners, hundreds of volunteers, multiple sponsors, event preparations, and the list goes on. Kristen Hislop gives the lowdown and even though she spent sleepless h…
ting the site set up and moving on race day. Josh Merlis and his team set the course and timed the ev https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/june/freihofers-race-women-redux

A Family that Runs Together – The Roys

by David, Stephen, and Lori RoyThis is a truly unique and heartwarming article about a family that is united by a love of running developed by their father. David Roy tells about his running and how ultimately it affected his children and brings them toge…
NC. This one was a little special too since Josh Merlis timed it and made some humorous father https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/june/family-runs-together-roys

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