The Landis Arboretum 5K: A Real Race!

by David RoyHope is spreading in the running world as actual races are being held. Virtual races are a good substitute in the time of COVID-19 but nothing gets a runner's blood circulating faster than a real race with people next to them ready to sprint o…
by David Roy This was the 14th Perennial Forest Run a…n their logo above for more information. David Roy

Runners’ Thoughts on Dodge the Deer 2020: The First Actual Race in Months!

Runners Bob Irwin, Beth Irwin, Michael DiNicola, David Roy, Frank Woods and Shannon O’Meara, Stephen Hallgren, Anthony Pasqualino, Gideon OyiboSmith, Michelle Davis, and Nathan Laing share their thoughts about the race with us. The end of the article has …
David Roy Shannon and I had trained all winter. We

Grand Prix Awards for 2019

The HMRRC offers cash awards for runners who place in its Grand Prix series. The awards go seven deep in six age-group categories (29 and under; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70 and up) for both men and women. Only active club members at the time of an even…
69 Rick Munson David Roy Derrick Staley Stephen Jones Mark Nune

McKeown and Knobloch Win 2019 Bill Robinson Masters 10K

by Jim TierneyThe 39th Annual Bill Robinson Masters 10K (6.2 miles) road race took place, as always, at Guilderland High School on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. The out and back course started, as advertised, promptly at 9 a.m. It was a cool, almost cold, d…
David Roy

Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon: Race Data and Reviews

by HMRRC membersRead the results broken down by categories and the reactions of runners who experienced the course for the first time. The comments were all favorable. Congratulations, Josh Merlis. For full article, click here
David Roy I really enjoyed the Helderberg Half. I

What's Your Next Big Race?

by Members of HMRRCA poll was taken of club members asking them what big event they are training for to run in the spring. A lot answered the Runnin' of the Green, which will make Race Director Brian Northan happy, but there were many other answers that m…
oga and the Full Hudson Mohawk Marathon David Roy

Winter Series 2018-2019

by Christine BishopThe Winter Series races are a gift from the Club to its members as they are free and fun to run. The first part of the article highlights the Winter Warriors who ran all five events! The second part of the article deals with the top win…
and David Roy56 7 David Roy M 63 Schoharie 43… Ginny Pezzula Joanne Richardson David Roy John Sestito Stefan Smith

HMRRC Winter Series 2018-2019

by Christine Bishop and FriendsThe HMRRC Winter Series is comprised of five events that help to brighten up the winter for all runners. This article is in two sections: the first a poll of members asking them why they run the series and the second dealing…
ter series at my middle school this year. David Roy I really prefer running outdoors

Miseno-Bowles and Knobloch Win 2018 Bill Robinson Masters 10K

by Jim TierneyIn ideal running weather Aaron Knobloch and Kimberly Miseno-Bowles won the 38th Annual Bill Robinson Masters 10K at Guilderland High School on Saturday, April 28th, 2018. For full article, click here
David Roy

2017 Grand Prix Awards

The Grand Prix Awards for 2017 have been announced. Ben Heller and Irene Somerville were the top winners. See the others who did a spectacular job and won money for their race results. For full article, click here
300 64 David Roy 200 58 Richard Clark 100 48

Partner Clubs

Partner clubs offer group runs and local races to the Capital Region running community

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