Roads?! Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads!!

by David RoyThe Landis 5K Arboretum Race is a nice introduction to trail running. It has a varying terrain that keeps it interesting. It’s not super technical, but you have to pay attention. However much its beauty may lull you, the course is not an easy …
by David Roy Winners Grace Seeley an

Wakely Dam 55K Ultra

by David Roy"Wakely Dam 55K is a low key, old school ultra ... It wasn’t even on my radar until Bill Hoffman brought it to my attention. Words have meaning.... For full article, click here
by David Roy Wakely Dam 55K is a low key

40th Bill Robinson Masters 10K Championship

On a gorgeous Saturday at the end of April, HMRRC Masters gathered for this Grand Prix event. The winners, Jake Stookey and Meg Versteegen, each give their account of the race with ladies first. For full article, click here
David Roy jumps for joy Click here for extensive pi

Northeast Team Beef at the 50th Yuengling Shamrock Marathon

by David RoyDavid is a member of the NE Team Beef that gives out free samples of beef jerky at races. Team Beef has united with Yuengling Shamrock Marathon. Of this event David said that it had the largest beer tent he has ever seen at a race and he plans…
by David Roy I was asked how I came to be on the Nort

Mount Toby 24K Trail Run

by David RoyOther than the iconic Boston Marathon (a special section is devoted to it later in this issue), April had an amazing amount of fun crazy races that our members have written about. The first is a trail run that actually goes through a cave and …
by David Roy Trail Runs add a little adventure and ex… David Roy

The True Road Warriors

by Christine BishopOn New Year's Day an annual HMRRC event occurs: the Hangover Half Marathon and the 3.5 miler. This is incredible since the races happen after New Year's Eve celebrations and the weather on January 1 can be horrendous. …
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What Was Your Best Race of 2021 and 2022 Goals?

by Runners Like YouA question was sent out to our members about their favorite races and their goals for 2022. Find out immediately which races our runners loved! Amazingly over 50 people responded!! Enjoy reading this survey and if you want to participa…
aces that I am not participating in. David Roy The Terrapin Mountain 50K Trail in Virg

Top 2020 Articles from The Pace Setter

2020 was not the cool 20-20 start we thought it would be. Covid-19 does not rear its catastrophic head until the April issue. If you want to make your own Pace Setter Top of 2020 Articles, we will show you how. Surprisingly, yearly and monthly Pace Setter…
David Roy

Motivation: Easy or a Challenge

by Our RunnersThe following survey question was sent to HMRRC members: How have you managed to remain motivated to run during the pandemic? With over 45 replies, the methods runners used to remain afloat and motivated run the gamut from utter success to n…
e of a need vs. a need to be motivated. David Roy I always have a goal. I pick out an eve

Meet Our Runners

Once again we are having five runners answer questions about their accomplishments and what motivates them. Enjoy their answers as they might surprise you! For full article, click here
d like to go on a run with Howard Stern. David Roy Why do you run

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