Keeping Similarities of Running

by Brina SeguineOur Poet Laureate is at it again. When asked about how the pandemic affected her running, she replied with a poem. One that will keep you running with a smile on your face.
by Brina Seguine Running at the moment. How has it chang

Five, Four, Three, Two, One ... Happy New Running Year!

by Brina SeguineOnce again our Pace Setter poet laureate, Brina Seguine, has created a poem that describes the precarious yet promising position that running in 2021 is in. We can all identify with what she says and share her hopes for the future. Happy N…
by Brina Seguine As we head into the New Year. The way

Capital District Challenge Gains

by Brina SequineMs. Seguine has become our poet laureate, contributing another ode to running: this time about the Capital District Challenge. Those who have doggedly participated in this for five weeks will identify with her sentiments. Those who haven't…
by Brina Seguine Beginning of June today was the day. …d personal gains showed up in every way. Brina Seguine Archive COVID Questions Raised Goi

COVID Questions Raised

Haikus by Brina SeguineLast month Brina wrote a poem relating to running in a COVID-19 landscape. This month she created Haikus. If you feel inspired, you could add your own Haikus through the “Comment” section of the article, and we may publish them. …
Haikus by Brina Seguine COVID is still here. Thought it would…e are miles run daily. Anxiety lifts. Brina Seguine Archive Going With the Flow During COVID

Going With the Flow During COVID-19

by Brina SeguineWhen asked to update how she is doing in month two of the COVID-19 shut down, Brina replied by writing a creative poem that we all can identify with. For full article, click here
by Brina Seguine Since the showing of COVID

Running in the Shadow of COVID-19

by HMRRC MembersRunners share their thoughts on how COVID-19 changed their world and how they are coping with it. For full article, click here
Nature. She is still accepting visitors. Brina Seguine I usually run and do workouts on my own

ValleyCats Father's Day Home Run 5K

This race set the HMRRC record books on fire!! In an unparalleled achievement, both the male and female winners rewrote the history books with 7 wins each in this race. There are other outstanding records like Tom Dalton winning the Corporate Challenge 1…
Anthony Giuliano and Brina Seguine each won the race for the seventh time. The …s Day Race started in 2006. That year Brina Seguine was the 1st place female winner

HMRRC Grand Prix Series 2018

by Christine BishopThe HMRRC Grand Prix Series is comprised of 12 races. In total $9,420 is given in prize money to the top 7 in six categories with males and females receiving the same monetary amount. This year's open winners were Tim Russell and Michel…
tz 10. Holden Maynard 10. Brina Seguine Click here for results in all categorie

Looking Back - 2015 HMRRC Races

ome Run 5K. It must be the favorite race of Brina Seguine as she repeats and wins for the 6th time in

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