Spring Brings Flowers and Races with More to Come!

by Benita Zahn, Lauren Scarupa, Theresa DeLorenzo, Jon Lindenauer and Chris BishopSpring holds more than lovely flowers and green landscapes to enjoy. It also signals the start of a multitude of races – many for significant events and some for just fun. T…
and the Boston Marathon https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/may/spring-brings-flowers-and-races-more-come

Jake Kobrin – Athlete of the Month

Jake went to Albany Med for his degree and ran frequently in our races. Recently he moved to Massachusetts but intends to keep running our races. His brother, who is an identical twin, also runs. (To make matters more confusing, they usually wear identic…
Running the Boston Marathon last spring with my twin brother Sam is what https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/may/jake-kobrin-athlete-month

Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory

Reviewed by Tom O'Grady"Let Your Mind Run” is a must-read for anyone interested in running, mental training, or personal growth. Kastor’s writing is engaging, her stories are inspiring, and her message is one of positivity and hope. On a side note, I had …
a Kastor in person in 2014 shortly after the Boston Marathon. Kastor was visiting Saratoga Springs and ev…ut him. Tom recently finished his ninth Boston Marathon and came in third locally https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/may/let-your-mind-run-memoir-thinking-my-way-victory

Boston Marathon 2023: Boston Strong!

by Wei Ma"I could no longer feel the rain on my face nor the thundering cheering in my ears, but only the shivers sent through my body. It got me again, on Boylston Street – the longest, most painful, yet most beautiful 634 yards." For fu…
by Wei Ma Boylston Dashing by the Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial… The Race I had my Boston Marathon debut last year. Out of my 7 marathons https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/may/boston-marathon-2023-boston-strong

Boston Marathon 2023: Always Phenomenal

by Chris BishopThe Boston Marathon is the Holy Grail of all marathons and as usual it lived up to its reputation. Everyone thought that Eliud Kipchoge, the man who ran a 2:01 marathon in Tokyo was considered a shoe-in, but the hills of Boston and rainy we…
by Chris Bishop The Boston Marathon is the Gold Standard by which other marathon…imed lives and injured over 300 others. Boston Marathon18. Memorable statements about Boston Marathon 2023 John Longo It https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/may/boston-marathon-2023-always-phenomenal

Lauren Scarupa – Athlete of the Month

Lauren has been on fire in the Winter Series Races, but her running accomplishments show that her performances were to be expected. She has graciously filled out a questionnaire detailing her life as a runner. For full article, click her…
I ended up not only qualifying for the Boston Marathon https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/march/lauren-scarupa-athlete-month

Meet Bill Meehan – Documenter Extraordinaire

by Chris BishopBill Meehan has been a photo editor on The Pace Setter since its beginning. He is very modest and is uncomfortable talking about himself, but he has made extraordinary contributions to documenting the history of the HMRRC. He was a top runn…
Skylon Marathon and Boston Marathon. PRs from your running days https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/march/meet-bill-meehan-documenter-extraordinaire

Winter Series 3 – Overview: Race, Results & Volunteers

by Christine BishopDespite dire weather predictions that never materialized, 277 brave souls set out on 5K, 10K, and 25K races. Old Man winter did not phase these people. Bring it on! For full article, click here
o have a great day and set and new PR at the Boston Marathon this April. And if the conditions are favora… run because I am currently training for the Boston Marathon this upcoming April 2023. I had a long run s https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/february/winter-series-3-overview-race-results-volunteers

Tom O’Grady: Winter Series 3 Race Director Answers Questions

Do you miss running the race since as a director it would be impossible? “I have usually just done my long run after everything is cleaned up. This year I did 16 miles (just a little longer than 25km) after the event was over." For full a…
er Series to qualify for and prepare for the Boston Marathon. At least that…chance qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Things have changed a lot over the years https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/february/tom-ogrady-winter-series-3-race-director-answers-questions

Cam Davis – Athlete of the Month

At age 22, Cam has already achieved a lot in running. He has a long road ahead of him that we can enjoy watching as he matures. We wish him well on his grand journey. For full article, click here
m planning on doing the Boston Marathon in April. After that I https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/february/cam-davis-athlete-month

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