Stockade-athon 42 is Here!

by Christine Bishop To poets, November is a dreary month full of gray days, but to runners it is a glorious month full of thrilling races with the Stockade-athon being preeminent. The Stockade-athon is one of the oldest 15K races in America, having starte…
Benita Zahn

Turning Forty is Fantastic!

by Kristen HislopThis year’s race was meaningful in a multitude of ways. Kristen enumerates the ways. As she put it, “forty years of firsts.” . For full article, click here
rst year I ran by myself. I remember meeting Benita Zahn on the start line my second year and knew a

The Healthy Runner: Sweet Sleep

by Benita ZahnOther than being a well-known co-anchor on NewsChannel 13 and host of Health Beat on, Benita is engaged in a slew of other activities, from writing a health column in the Times Union, community service of all sorts, running marathon…
by Benita Zahn As runners we are…athon Benita Zahn If Albany has a Renaissance woman

Freihofer's Run for Women Continues to Innovate and Inspire

by Kristen HislopIn 2019, Kristen Hislop had an idea to help promote one of the top annual 5K races in America, the Freihofer's Run for Women in Albany, NY, by creating the Ambassador Program. Initially, thirty women applied, but this year over 75 did and…
Benita Zahn

The Healthy Runner: How to Cope with Trying Times

by Benita ZahnIn her second installment of The Healthy Runner, Benita Zahn co-anchor of NewsChannel 13 and host of Health Beat on, gives tips to runners on how to stay healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic. Benita herself is a runner and triath…
by Benita Zahnron enjoying a run The Healthy Runner by Benita Zahn Archive Sweet Sleep

Goals and Hopes

by Benita ZahnIn times like this, we need goals and hopes. We cannot do marathons or the Krispy Kreme Challenge, but we can compete in virtual races, many of which are associated with the canceled ones we love and that offer good swag like the Freihofer’s…
by Benita Zahn By now you… Cope with Trying Times Sweet Sleep Benita Zahn

Throwback Photos

compiled by Chris BishopWhat better way during a pandemic to get a smile than looking at throwback photos. We are starting with Benita Zahn and Dick Vincent and have 3 surprise pictures at the end that we will not reveal until next month. …
compiled by Chris Bishop Benita Zahn Dick Vincent

And Another One Bites the Dust!

by Benita ZahnZahn's Healthy Runner column is about a big one, a big race, biting the dust. The famed Boston Marathon for the first time in its 124-year history will not be held in Boston, but virtually instead around the world. For full …
by Benita Zahn And another one bites the dust. Race…o Cope with Trying Times Sweet Sleep Benita Zahn

Runner's Guide to Drinking

by Benita ZahnAs a season runner, advice on hydration seems redundant, but for those new to the sport it is crucial. Benita provides us with a refreshing overview that we all might learn something from. For full article, click here
by Benita Zahn I read an article the other day on a hea… Cope with Trying Times Sweet Sleep Benita Zahn


by Benita Zahn"What do you think about when you run? If I had a dime for every time someone asked me that …" Read the column and find out what Benita does think about and why it makes her running meaningful. For full article, click here
by Benita Zahn Karen Bertasso Hughes at Helderberg to H

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