Autumn Delights

by Anouk BoonemanAutumn is a time of year that Anouk looks forward to picking and tasting the delicious apples New York is famous for. She provides here a gluten-free (easily veganized) baked apple doughnuts recipe and creative ways to use the spaghetti l…
by Anouk Booneman Leaves are falling and autumn has arrive

Delight in the Bounties of Summer While You Can!

by Anouk Booneman"The early summer vegetables are still available, and my kitchen counter is overflowing with succulent corn, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and peaches. Take advantage and appreciate the late summer bounty with these following re…
by Anouk Booneman While I do love autumn in Upstate NY

Mad About Beets

by Jake StookeyOther than being one of our leading short and long distance runners, Jake is a gardener who knows how to grow healthy foods that keep his body in top form. He shares with us his love for beets and asks you, the reader, to contribute favorit…
at was recently posted to the Pace Setter by Anouk Booneman. Where to get beets The supermarket

Midsummer Fruit & Vegetable Paradise

by Anouk BoonemanIn Upstate New York, Midsummer brings us a cornucopia of fresh vegetables, herbs and summer fruits, which we should enjoy while we can. Anouk supplies great recipes for us to delectate. For full article, click here
by Anouk Booneman Midsummer brings us a very wide range of

Cold Soups Add Zest to Summer Eating

by Anouk BoonemanCold soups are delightful summer fare. They are easy to make and great to eat on sweltering days. Anouk gives us some tempting plant-based recipes that can also be made vegan. Bon appétit! For full article, click here
by Anouk Booneman Watermelon Gazpacho

Salad Days of Summer

by Anouk BoonemanSalad days are perfect for when you want something nutritious but do not want to spend hours in a hot kitchen. Anouk gives us salad recipes with tempting toppings and also tips on where to get fresher vegetables than in a supermarket. …
by Anouk Booneman The salad days are back

Food Shopping and Cooking During COVID-19

by Anouk Booneman"Cooking and shopping during a pandemic take on a very different meaning, and we all navigate that path in different ways. Some of you might still go to the store, others might use a delivery service or a combination of both." …
by Anouk Booneman Cooking and shopping during a pandemic t

Cooking During the Time of COVID-19: Chickpea Scramble

by Anouk BoonemanTo avoid going to grocery stores more than you have to, Anouk recommends finding goodies in your pantry and using them creatively. Anouk loves beans of all types, canned or dry, and uses them as a staple in her cooking. Here she employs c…
compose something about it on this page. by Anouk Booneman I hope that you and your loved ones are

The Making of Buddha Bowls with Delightful Dishes Added

by Anouk BoonemanAnouk goes into the popularity and origin of Buddha bowls and supplies a wealth of variants you can make. The recipes are plant based and vegan with some being able to create several days in advance. If you are not tempted after reading t…
by Anouk Booneman Danielle Maslowsky and I recently hosted

Super Healthy Granola (Inspired by Rouxbe)

by Anouk BoonemanIn this month's Plant Based Food column by Anouk, she gives an easy to make, delicious and healthy recipe that runners will delight in. Yes, you can buy granola bars but they are heavily processed. Why not make your own!? …
by Anouk Booneman Granola is a great breakfast and snack f

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