Off The Road – Training v. Rehabilitation

by Russ EbbetsWe live in a world of dichotomies and they are often of our own making. This either/or life has more than a twinge of self-preservation. With multiple choices, even countless choices, a moment’s analysis can turn into an eternal paralysis. I…
by Russ Ebbets We live in a world of dichotomies and th…he choice made is more right than wrong. Russ Ebbets

Off The Road - The Big Toe

by Russ EbbetsSome people think the big toe developed to help humans find things in the dark. The “things” could be a bedpost, the leg of a chair or the corner of the coffee table, but in a second the realization is as sudden as the discovery was unnecess…
by Russ Ebbets Russ Ebbets

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