United States of America Track & Field, Adirondack Association Seeks Volunteers for Leadership Positions

by Kristen HislopThe USATF-Adirondack is one of 56 associations responsible for governing and promoting the sports of track and field, cross country, and road racing in the United States. Geographically, the Adirondack Association spans from the Canadian …
by Kristen Hislop The USATF… please contact Kristen Hislop https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2024/february/united-states-america-track-field-adirondack-association-seeks-volunteers-leadership-positions

Members’ 2023 Achievements and 2024 Goals

by 30 Members+2023 saw many great achievements involving races we love and some with exotic ones like a 50K race in the Swiss Alps (Bill Hoffman). Some involved incredible achievements like running 6 marathons in a year with the last three being sub 3 hou…
then another 100 mile race in the fall. Kristen Hislop Got to go with being the first female a https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2024/january/members-2023-achievements-and-2024-goals

Come Join the Fun. We Dare You!

by Kristen HislopKristen Hislop in her role as acting president of the Adirondack USATF went to their national meeting in Orlando, Florida, on December 2 and wow did she meet famous athletes. The meeting was sponsored by Nike and they asked all women to c…
by Kristen Hislop AmyLyn Schmid… the newly crowned Olympians. Kristen Hislop is the Director of the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/december/come-join-fun-we-dare-you

Running is our Future and our Future is Bright

by Kristen HislopIn addition to all her other numerous duties such as directing the Freihofer's Race for Women and all its ancillary events, Kristen has taken on coaching cross country at Shenendehowa Schools. In a departure from past seasons, the student…
by Kristen Hislop Well…roll out programs this fall and winter. Kristen Hislop is the Director of the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/october/running-our-future-and-our-future-bright

Where Have All the Runners Gone?

by Benita ZahnParticipation at running events locally and nationally has been declining. Why is that? Ms. Zahn comes up with some hypotheses and wonders how to best "engage the next generation of runners." A group of HMRRC members was asked what they fel…
ntion is a big challenge. Kristen Hislop at HMRRC Labor Day Race 2023 …listed for September and 33 for October Kristen Hislop https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/september/where-have-all-runners-gone

Freihofer’s Race for Women Redux

by Kristen Hislop, Race DirectorWhat's it like to direct a race that involves thousands of runners, hundreds of volunteers, multiple sponsors, event preparations, and the list goes on. Kristen Hislop gives the lowdown and even though she spent sleepless h…
by Kristen Hislop https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/june/freihofers-race-women-redux

Smoke from Canadian Wildfires Endangers Our Region

by Christine BishopWho would believe we would be wearing masks again and heading to our basement exercise equipment instead of outdoors. On June 7, smoke encompassed our region darkening the sky and emitting a smell like a damp fireplace. The Pace Setter …
and bike trainer in the basement. Kristen Hislop No. Today was swimming and cycling insi https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/june/smoke-canadian-wildfires-endangers-our-region

Freihofer's Run for Women Getting Even Better!

by Kristen HislopThe 45th running of one of the first races in the United States to celebrate women, has been adding more exciting events and contests to this year's line up. You can find out how you can play a part by participating and volunteering to co…
by Kristen Hislop How can you make a great event even bett…e that highlights this phenomenal event. Kristen Hislop is the Director of the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/may/freihofers-run-women-getting-even-better

Freihofer's Run for Women: New Initiatives

by Kristen HislopThe Freihofer's Run for Women has added two new initiatives to its agenda this year: a Poster Contest and the Gold Medal Mother Contest. Links are given to enter. At the Capital Kids 3K there will be awards, and entrants get a swag bag wi…
by Kristen Hislop The 45th Freihofer…d out more about the race and to sign up Kristen Hislop is the Director of the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/april/freihofers-run-women-new-initiatives

NYC Half Marathon – Big Apple Run

by Kristen HislopKristen Hislop received an email stating, "Entries for runners who achieve a qualifying time at a non-NYRR race will be available on a first come, first served basis during the application window. Once we reach capacity for entries, runne…
by Kristen Hislop Kristen Hisl… Kristen and Nouara Kristen Hislop is the Director of the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/april/nyc-half-marathon-big-apple-run

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