What Running Apps Our Runners Use and Why?

by Our MembersThis survey of our members shows that as Emily Taft mentioned in her comment, almost all of our members use Strava. The advantages of Strava are detailed and numerous. Garmin comes in a close second. Links are given at the article's end to o…
running stats. Very simple. Kristen Hislop Garmin connect https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/march/what-running-apps-our-runners-use-and-why

Training challenge for the 45th Freihofer’s Run for Women on June 3, 2023

by Kristen Hislop"Is 13 a lucky number? We sure think so. This year is the 13th Training Challenge – a program to help women get ready for the 45th Freihofer's Run for Women on June 3, 2023. Why would I tell a bunch of runners about a training program tha…
by Kristen Hislop Is 13 a lucky number… Kristen Hislop is the Event Director of the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/march/training-challenge-45th-freihofers-run-women-june-3-2023

How Do You Stay in Shape During the Winter?

by Members of the HMRRCThis question was asked to different runners. Their replies are varied and opinions about treadmill use are definitely diverse. Winter is a challenging time, but all have learned to cope with it and some to love it. …
Kristen Hislop I just keep going https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/february/how-do-you-stay-shape-during-winter

Hislop Family’s Favorite Races of 2022

by Kristen HislopThe Hislop family is a phenomenon. All members run, and as a family it has bonded and influenced their lives since Day One. Kristen even raced when she was pregnant with each child. So instead of asking each member of the family about the…
by Kristen Hislop You likely know that resolutions don… roads and trails in 2023. Kristen Hislop is the Director of the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/january/hislop-familys-favorite-races-2022

Best Races of 2022 and Why

by Benita Zahn"As runners, you're probably familiar with the Facebook and Instagram posts about Christmas wish lists for Santa to cover the cost of race entries or guarantee a PR. But what is it about specific races that attract you?" For…
race director Kristen Hislop voted for the FRFW but so did Anita De Ciann https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/january/best-races-2022-and-why

2022 Favorite Races and 2023 Planned Races

by Members of the HMRRCOver 35 runners responded to this question and their answers ran across the board. At the end of the responses, there is a poem by HMRRC Poet Laureate Brina Seguine that encapsulates the running year of 2022. For fu…
athon and the HMRRC Winter Series. Kristen Hislop Favorite has to be Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/january/2022-favorite-races-and-2023-planned-races

Best Pace Setter Articles of 2022

by Christine BishopIt's fun to choose the best Pace Setter articles for 2022 and you can too. Click on the month and all the articles will appear for you to enjoy. Happy hunting. For full article, click here
by Kristen Hislop There were lots of top articles here in… but the standout article is Kristen Hislop Kristen Hislop https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/january/best-pace-setter-articles-2022

All I Want for Christmas is ...

by Members of the HMRRCRunners were asked the following question: If money were no object, what running gift for Christmas would you want for yourself or a running partner? Some answers are modest and some go for the gold, but they are all fun. …
etc. for themselves as well. Kristen Hislop An infrared sauna https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2022/december/all-i-want-christmas

The Freihofer's Race for Women Never Ends!

by Kristen HislopDeep exhale. The majority of the work is done. Prize money allocation, thank you notes, social media hawking and surveys are in progress. Now it’s time to look towards the 45th Freihofer’s Run for Women For full article, click…
by Kristen Hislop Deep exhale. The majority of the work is…s Run for Women. Kristen Hislop is the Event Director for the Freihofer https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2022/june/freihofers-race-women-never-ends

Freihofer’s 2022: Why We Run

by Benita ZahnBy the time you read this, the 44th running of the Freihofer’s Run for Women will be well in the history books. It was a spectacularly sunny day. Some complained it was too warm, for others, yours truly included, it was perfect. The winner c…
race director Kristen Hislop told me on race day. She thinks that many wo https://hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2022/june/freihofers-2022-why-we-run

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