The Summer Tawasentha Cross Country Series Starts in August

by John and Kari Deer

We are excited to host the Tawasentha Cross Country series again this year. This is always a great way to get off the road and get your feet wet (pun intended) with trail racing. Whether you are an experienced trail runner or new to this unique type of running, this series has everything for you. We have hills, beautiful trails through the nature of Tawasentha Park, and the always fun river crossing through the Normanskill. And of course, the delicious prizes for the winners in different age groups. But what really makes this series special is the comradery of all the runners out there. You'll see some of the Capital Region's most accomplished trail runners out there going for personal bests but you'll also see families running together, friends cheering each other on, teammates helping each other up the hills, and volunteers all throughout. If you've run the series before, you know exactly what we're talking about and if you've never run it before, come out this summer and see for yourself! Bring the whole family because we have a kids' race as well.

And they’re off! Runners take off at the start of run #3 at the 2023 Tawasentha Cross Country Series

The series begins on August 12 with the first of three races and continues each Monday through August 26. The races begin in the field right out in front of the pool at 6:30pm. The course travels up and down and back up again the hill right in front of you before you make your way into the wooded trail. Be prepared for a fun downhill through the woods as you come out at the bottom of the park. You will cross the bridge over the Normanskill and as you do, take a look at the river because not too long from then, you will be crossing the Normanskill again but this time, through the river itself. Enjoy some more rolling hills through the park before getting back to the Normanskill. As you grab the rope to cross, you'll be greeted by our volunteers (sometimes dressed as lifeguards) who will help you across. From there, it is an uphill climb back to the ballfields before a nice gradual downhill back to that same hill you came down towards the beginning of the race. You'll pop out of the woods and pass the auditorium stage onto the cinder trail where the finish line is waiting for you. When you cross the line, you'll be amazed that all of that happened in just a mere three miles.

Runners make their way across the river crossing during run #3 of the 2023 Tawasentha Cross Country Series

This is a great event to switch up summer training, get ready for the upcoming cross country season, challenge yourself, but most of all, have a great time! This is also a great event to renew your HMRRC membership or to become a member. We hope to see a lot of you at the Tawasentha Cross Country series this summer!

 John and Kari Deer before the start of the third run in the 2023 Cross Country Series

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