HMRRC Membership and Donations

The HMRRC is truly grateful for all new members who sign up or renew and for donations for the club in general. Your money goes to finance races like the one above that actually celebrates the 52nd year anniversary of our club.  Imagine that in 2071 the club would be in existence for a century!  Your support can help to make that possible.

Our membership charge has not changed over the years and is still $15.  What is new is that we ask that members may consider giving in addition to membership a donation.  We have three levels of donation: Track Star $25.00, Marathoner $50.00, and Ultrarunner $100.00.

You may ask why we have these levels, and the answer is simple. The HMRRC is a non-profit organization.  That means that your donation goes directly to the projects of the club and not to corporate salaries. Other than races we sponsor proudly the following activities that help to promote running, exercise, and health within the Capital District.

  • Just Run Program - Every fall and spring a team of volunteers host a cross country track meet where local elementary schools compete.  Each team is trained before or after school for the 800 or 1600 meter course.  In addition to the hosting the 2-day track meet, HMRRC provides a stipend for each coach and shirts for each runner. This is typically young runners first introduction to the sport of running and can provide an experience of running with a team.  HMRRC budgets approximately $45K each year to support the program.
  • Bill Shrader Sr. Memorial Scholarship - Each year HMRRC awards scholarships to local high school graduates to support their continued education on their way to be life-long runners.  Bill Shrader Sr. was a founder of HMRRC and we honor his love for running through the fund that distributes $18K in scholarships annually
  • Grants for Capital Region - We can't do it alone!  HMRRC understands that it takes a village to build an active and vibrant running community.  The grant program was established to provide local qualifying organizations that share a common vision to support our local running community with access to otherwise unavailable funding.  HMRRC budgets $10K annually to providing grants to worthy organizations. 

Two members this month have given at the Track Star level: Anthony Scott and Bob Mead.

The following is a list of our new members, and we thank them!

Renee Abdou-Malta
Joaquin Abraham
Catherine Alderman
Kathrin Alber
Walter Armstrong
Jon Atwell
Carlos Banks
Brittany Barrett
Alaina Bauer
Amanda Beecher
Daniel Beecher
Samuel Beecher
William Beecher
Erica Bove
Daniel Browne
Shannon Browne
Kimberly Butts
Phil Carducci
Don Chillrud
Jake Chipka
Christopher Cook
Theodore Courneen
Wilson Crone
Emily D'Angelo
James Davenport
Tanya Davis
Charlie Diamond
Tomas Dvorak
Jason Edwards
Lilja Edwards
Sampo Edwards
Tuuli Edwards
Ade Eguaze
Alessa Ellis
Tamiko Everson
Michael Fortunato
Sean Fuller
Jim Giglio
Peter Goutos
Christopher Graves
Landon Greene
Debbie Griswold
Karen Haag
Stephen Harris
Philip Hawver
Rose Marie Hawver
Eugene Heslin
jeanne heslin
Mary Heslin
Stephen Hopson
Sayra Hurley
Nadine Irish-Shaw
Kole Irwin
Tammy Joska
Linda Keller
Joanne Kingston
Chloe Kinzel
Laura Koch
Oaklee Koch
Madeline LaMountain
Brandi Landy
Joseph Landy
Eric Laribee
Christopher Lavoy
Christina Mahoney
Michael Mastropietro
Natalie Mastropietro
Nicholas Mastropietro
Tiana Mastropietro
Laudric Maxwell
Simon Mayo
Edward McCarthy
Stephen McDonnell
Cameron McLean
Michael McLean
Peg McTague
Kelly Melaragno
John Mesevage
Gianna Miraloile
Kristin Moberg
Maddy Mohrman
Courtney Moore
Daniel Morgan
Elaine Morris
MaryEllen Moslander
Nicole Moslander
Rajesh Narasimhan
Stephen Obermayer
Samantha Oliver
Adam Ostrander
Amatus Ostrander
Gianna Ostrander
Kelly Ostrander
Paulina Ostrander
Raelee Ostrander
Simeon Ostrander
MarcAnthony Parrino
Julius pasquariello
Shaw Patton
Anne Pekrol
Jason Pekrol
Kelly Pekrol
Tessa Pekrol
Jeremy Pennock
Charlie Pensabene
Amy Piper
Peter Pochily
Allison Potolski
Avni Prabhu
Francis Ramos
Colleen Raney
Matt Richmond
Manuel Rios
Isaac Rivet
Gabriel Robinson
Gary Robinson
Jenna Robinson
Jesse Robinson
Rick Rogan
Nicole Russell
Rayne Russell
Jim Russo
Aleksandra Ryan
Nidal Salem
Kate Sazon
Christopher Scanlan
Kate Scanlan
Miles Scanlan
Lily Schnell
Robert Scott
Steven Scotten
Heather Senecal
Walter Severini
Cathy Sheehan
Orit Shiang
Gabriella Sitzer
Cheryl Smith
Felip Smith
Catherine Soloyna
Skyler Spanbauer
Bernice St. Aimee-Ives
Mickey Sweet
Regina TenEyck
Carol Terwilliger
Tara Travis
Kevin Trigonis
Tessa Trigonis
Guy Tuck
TuAnh Turnbull
John Vavasour
John Verhayden
Ashton Versteegen
Douglas Wagner
Jennifer Walkley
Jeremy Walkley
June Walkley
Ray Webster
Christopher Whitehead
David Wilber Jr.

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