September’s Articles: In Case you Missed Them

Run4 the River Half Marathon 2023 – a Race to Remember

by Chris Bishop

The Run4 the River Half Marathon was a good race to practice for the upcoming HMRRC MHR Half Marathon on October 8. The results of the Run4 the River Half were spectacular with a duel between Stephen Paddock and Ricardo Estremara for first place. Ricardo's description is a must read. For full article, click here

Photo-essay: HMRRC Labor Day Race September 4, 2023

by Chris Bishop

For the first time in four years, no rain cloud was in sight and blue skies bathed the race in a mellow glow. Chuck Terry set a course record by winning the race for the sixth time. Winning a major race six times is a record in and of itself. The kids' race was adorable with such enthusiasm as they were awarded a ribbon. After the race, a club meeting was held where the executive slate for 2024 was voted in and then the awards ceremony followed. For full article, click here

Malta 5K and 10K Races September 9, 2023

by Chris Bishop and Jon Lindenauer

One of the leading September racing events in the Capital District is the Malta 5K and 10K races graciously sponsored by GlobalFoundries with over 500 crossing the finish line this year. The event is also important as a major fundraiser for the Malta community and has brought in over $300,000 in donations. Race results and statistics are given. Enjoy! For full article, click here

Where Have All the Runners Gone?

by Benita Zahn

Participation at running events locally and nationally has been declining. Why is that? Ms. Zahn comes up with some hypotheses and wonders how to best "engage the next generation of runners." A group of HMRRC members was asked what they felt was responsible for the decline and what could be done to halt it. For full article, click here

Run Club – for College Grads to Continue Their Running Careers

by John Longo, DPT

"The origins of the club, as legend has it, began one day in a coffee shop in Albany. Aidan Canavan and Charlie Ragone were looking for a way to continue their athletic-running careers... Specifically, Aidan and Charlie viewed running as a competitive sport and lifestyle, and wanted to continue to take training and racing as seriously as they had in college." For full article, click here

John and Kari Deer: New Directors of HMRRC Tawasentha XC 5K Summer Series

Replacing Josh Merlis and John Kinnicut, who did a splendid job directing the HMRRC Tawasentha XC 5K Summer Series for years, John and Kari Deer volunteered to take over the directorship. They kindly answered questions about why they did this, how they got into running, why trail running and more. For full article, click here

Bibs and Medals from My Running Career

by Lauren E. Carnahan

Lauren has saved all but a few of the early bibs from the slew of races she has run and all of her medals. She answers questions here about her many accomplishments from how bibs and medals changed over time and which races meant the most to her. The picture of her trophy area is awe inspiring. For full article, click here

How to Get a PR

by Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper aka "The Mayor" and Carmela Giodarno, both noted Nark Strength runners, paired together to help Carmela achieve a PR in Mat Nark's signature fall event, the Run4 the River Half Marathon, which saw around 400 runners cross the finish line. Enjoy reading the way that "The Mayor" and Carmela achieved their goal in a most singular fashion that probably would not be recommended by Runner's World, but it worked! For full article, click here

Emily Taft - Athlete of the Month

One of the top leaders in HMRRC and ARE races, Emily Taft has been on a roll. What is motivating her? How has she managed to win so many first places? Read her responses to the Athlete of the Month Questionnaire and you will find out. It should also be noted that Emily's husband, Pete Rowell, is the creator of the fantastic RUN sculpture that is a famed photo backdrop for runners throughout the Albany Region. For full article, click here

Jon Lindenauer - Athlete of the Month

Name a race, and Jon has done it and usually places first or within the top 5 overall. Seemingly Jon combines training with races and it seems to be a successful combo. He added a fun question to the form, and his answer will make you smile. "What is the most exciting thing to happen in your life completely outside of running / racing?" For full article, click here

Yoga for Runners

by Sally Drake

Sally Drake is an elite runner and yoga master. Monthly she is highlighting a yoga pose that is especially helpful for runners. She also sponsors free classes to encourage the use of yoga for running. Her next is on September 30, Saturday, after the Albany County Fall Festival 5K at the pavilion located on the rail trail in Slingerlands. Hope to see you there. For full article, click here

THE 4 Global Concepts 4 All Training

by Russ Ebbets, DC, USATF Level 3 Coach

"A comprehensive training program is not a simple process. Utilization of the 4 Global Concepts allows one to develop one’s skills holistically and progressively in a thorough and comprehensive manner... For the more experienced athletes, the 4 Global Concepts can provide motivation and direction..." For full article, click here


Are Bigger Brands Always Better?

by Jake Greski

Looking at the array of running shoes at races with colors that pulsate with dynamic color waves shooting from, one wonders if these radiant shoes are worth the high cost associated with them. They look awesome, but are they really worth the extra money involved? Shoe specialist Jake Greski tackles this question. For full article, click here

Sports Nutrition Updates from ACSM

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD

At the 2023 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting (ACSM; (, more than 3,000 sports medicine professionals and researchers from around the globe gathered to share knowledge. Several sports nutrition presentations offered updates that might be of interest to you concerning body weight, ultra processed foods, and protein. For full article, click here

What Made Maddy Run: A Book Review

by Tom O'Grady

What Made Maddy Run by Kate Fagan is a powerful and poignant exploration of Madison Holleran's life and untimely death. In this compelling book, Fagan takes a deep dive into the life of a young college athlete and exposes the underlying challenges and pressures faced by today's youth..." For full article, click here

HMRRC Membership and Donations

The HMRRC carries on many charitable ventures other than sponsoring races; so it depends on membership and donations to carry on its mission. The HMRRC operates the Just Run program to support and encourage elementary school kids to run; the Bill Shrader Sr. Memorial Scholarship program gave 6 $3,000 scholarships to worthy students this year: and awarded $10,000 in community grants in 2022 to promote running. For full article, click here

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