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Charlie Ragone

I have Run the stockade 3 times now and 2023 will be my fourth time, my pr is 48:02 and I am hoping for sub 48 minutes this year. It is my favorite local race as the stockade is such a beautiful location, and one of my favorite parts is the run through Central Park. Once you reach Central Park you are on the downhill last third and it’s grind time to get to the finish line. There are also the most watchers waiting in Central Park usually, so it gets me super excited to get moving.

The hardest part of the course is the second mile going straight up grand boulevard after such a typically fast first mile. I wouldn’t change this as it feels like a good course challenge though. But I believe a way to really build the culture and atmosphere around the event would be if some of the local bars had a bar crawl after for discounted drinks for runners, or if there was an open concert post-race. Something to allow people to stay and celebrate. Also, a good chance for the local Schenectady businesses to showcase what they have.

Thomas Gabriel

I have run it 3 times. My PR is 57:00.

I really enjoy the downhill through the cemetery. You know the end is near and it’s a very cool landscape. Also, the single track path comes up at the end so you have to make some strategic decisions if your around others. Finally, you pop out of this quiet serene area to be loudly greeted by the shoot and a bunch of spectators!

Least favorite is the zig zagging through the GE real estate plot, then the slight uphill on Grand. It just seems to go on for a while. However even that isn’t too bad, it really is a great course.

To improve, I would make a better after party/reception. A downtown Schenectady block party would be fun!

Lauren Carnahan

I've ran it 3 times. PR is 1:02:56. Favorite part is the atmosphere. Worst part is the time of year. It is freezing at times. Improve the race – better swag and different time of year.

Aidan Canavan

My PR is just under 50 minutes; I ran that time last year. I was never able to run it during college because it usually conflicted with regionals. I did run it my senior year of high school. That year I was 17 and got the age group win in a time of 53:30 if I remember correctly.

I most likely won’t be running it this year I'm battling with an Achilles injury.

Lori Kingsley

I’m not sure how many times I participated? The first time was after Emily and VJ invited me, which I met Willow family in 2008.  56:10 is my fastest time.

My favorite part is the cemetery!!!! I absolutely love it. It’s so beautiful. It’s a reminder that we are blessed to be here, running and enjoying life.

I wish they would go back to the awards being in the theater.  It was beautifully organized, and we got to see the winners.

Scott Mindel

I think it’s my 11th Stockade-athon and my PR is from last year in 47:59. My favorite part of the course is getting to the top of the hill by the elementary school before mile 8 since the rest of the race is all downhill! On the flip side, the climb between mile 1 and 2 is probably my least favorite part. I think the race is put on very well, maybe having the awards a little quicker would be my only improvement but I know that is difficult because people are usually still finishing when they already start the awards so it's not a big deal.

Wei Ma

I have run it twice: 2019 and 2022. My PR is 57:51. The best part of the course is the finish downhill. There was no bad part for me.

The race can be improved by making information at the race clear. I was uncertain as to the time of the awards and missed them and therefore, did not receive my age group award. I hope the awards information is clearer this year.

Megan James

I have run it 9 times and this year will make it ten!   My PR is 59:37 (2019.)

The best part is getting to the crest of the hill after 7 miles, knowing that the rest of the race is downhill & fast! The worst part is going around the lake in Central Park and seeing people ahead of me make their way up the hill; there's still about 3 miles to go, I'm pretty tired, and that's a good-sized hill to tackle! 

The best way to improve it would be to bring back the sub-50/60/70 stickers!

Tom O’Grady

I’ve run the Stockade-athon 14 times and plan to have this year be number 15. My best time at Stockade-athon is 49:53 in 2014. Stockade-athon is one of my favorite races because of the distance and timing. On a nice fall day it feels great to run a fast time if you are fit and in race shape. The best part of the course is that you get to see a lot of different areas of Schenectady and the start and finish is in the same place. The downhill finish is a nice aspect of the new course. The worst part is a few of those grinding middle miles from the low point to the high point of the course. I wouldn’t really change anything. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting my 20th finish in 5-years. I’ve missed a few since running my first Stockade-athon in 2004 when I’ve run marathons on the same weekend but I I miss it on those weekends!

Ryan Cooper

I have run it twice with a 1:08 PR. I like many aspects of the course: the downhill start, running through the city, the spectators, and the downhill finish are all great. If I had to pick what I like best, it would be the number of spectators. The worst is Nott Street. Ugh that hill is brutal. As far as improving anything I don’t have much to add as this race has a little bit of everything and is a lot of fun.

Jon Lindenauer

I have run the Stockade-athon twice, in 2018 and 2022.

My best time was 50:29 in 2022.

The best part of the course is when it starts to go downhill and weaves through the cemetery. There are no more hills at the point, and you are able to gather some solid momentum to feel fast heading into the finish. The worst part is when you get out of the park and there is one more notable hill which really compounds your suffering up to that point if you're already in no-man's land racing alone and have already had a few sluggish miles on the course.

I don't really know anything I would change. I suppose I wish it was warmer and flatter but I don't think anything can be done about that!

Erin Rasco

I ran it once. My pr is 58:28. I loved the course! I was told it was hilly but I feel like it had just enough rollers to keep it interesting. Maybe the best part was the downhill finish. I love the timing too, it's a great way to end the season. I honestly can't think of an improvement. It was one of my favorite races to date.

Karen Bertasso-Hughes

I think I’ve run 11 Stockade-athons, my first was 2007.

My STK PR is 55:27.

The best part of the course is the downhill finish.

My least favorite part of the course is the final uphill exiting Central Park. It’s a hard climb after you’ve already done so many!

It’s a fun race—there’s team competition, prize money, and many familiar faces in the running community out along the course as well as racing. I’ve helped with the kids run for several years now, which is definitely a big highlight for me! 

Jack Huber

Last year was the first time I ran the Stockade-athon. I placed 11th in a time of 49:25 (5:19 per mile). It's a great event and a great course. I love the last downhill to the finish. I'm looking forward to racing this year!

Sarah Parks

I have run it 3 times. PR 1:03:34. I love the downhill finish but the hills in the first five miles... It is a pretty solid race and I can't think of anything to improve it!

Meg Louden

I have done it 5 times. My pr is 1:03:40. The new update course is great, of course the massive hill at the end of the park is the worst but I will take all the downhills after that part. Maybe bring back the porta potty’s at the start of the race or add a few more outside the YMCA.

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