21st Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon

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Top: James Withers 1st, Ricardo Estremera 2nd, Adam Pacheck 3rd
Bottom: Tricia Longo 3rd, Charlotte Richmond 2nd, Amy Tortorello 1st


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James Withers-Winner MHR Half

This was my first time running the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon. My strategic approach involved maintaining a consistent pace of approximately 5:05 per mile throughout the race, with a deliberate intention to accelerate during the final mile. However, the initial mile unfolded at a pace slower than initially anticipated. In response to this suboptimal start, I made the strategic decision to assume the lead position, aiming to enhance the overall pace of the race. I anticipated a high level of competition entering the race, and I was fully prepared for the challenges posed by my competitors. While every race presents its unique dynamics, my training and preparation have made me well-equipped to face strong opponents.


This was my second half marathon and it was a PR. I placed second at my first half marathon over 10 years ago. Between that time, I took a break from competitive running when I moved to Australia for two years. I then competed at Utah State University on the cross-country and track teams. I am now in medical school and compete in marathons. I have competed in the Utah Valley Marathon and the Boston Marathon.  

My overall experience with the race was positive. The segment of the course that I found the most appealing was running along the trail alongside the river.


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Adam Pacheck – 3rd


I had never run the Hudson Mohawk Half Marathon before. I initially had a friend who was planning to run, and my parents live in Syracuse, so it was at a nice halfway point where they could come and watch. I'm planning to run the California International Marathon in December, so this was a nice check to see where my training is at.


My race strategy went pretty much as planned. I had intended to go out in about 5:20s and maybe pick it up later in the race. I went out at about that and was able to hold that pace and maybe pick it up a few seconds later in the race. It's hard to say exactly, with the big downhill in the first few miles.


I did not get a PR. I ran a 1:09:12 at the Syracuse Half in 2018, so I was a few seconds off. 


I enjoyed the course! It was a nice mix of bike path and roads. I was expecting to enjoy the bike path more, but I ended up liking the road section and the part of the path along the road between miles 5ish and 8ish more because there were more people and fewer leaves.


I thought the race was very well organized and put on. I enjoyed the atmosphere at the finish and was able to run into people I hadn't seen in a while. The one thing I can think of to improve is that I believe the first mile mark was off. I think it was at mile 14 of the full marathon, so was at 0.9 of the half.




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Charlie Ragone-1st Local Male Overall

Hey there, I'm Charles Ragone, and I want to share my incredible experience at the Hudson Mohawk Half Marathon this past weekend. What an amazing race it was! Not only did I participate, but I also had the honor of clinching 1st place in my age group. It's truly a testament to the hard work and dedication I've put into my running journey.

While I had set my sights on breaking my personal record (PR) this time around, I couldn't quite get there. But that's the beauty of running; each race is a unique challenge and an opportunity for growth. My PR of 67:57 on the same course remains a cherished memory, and I'm more motivated than ever to surpass it.

One of the key takeaways from this race is the thrilling transformation that occurs during the final 5k. It turns into a breathtaking grind with its hilly terrain and twists and turns. Embracing these challenges makes the victory even sweeter.

Looking ahead, I'm super excited about the next year of training. I've set my sights on enhancing the quality of my long runs because I believe they're the secret sauce for half marathon success. With each stride, I'll be getting closer to my goals and pushing my limits.

But wait, there's more! Training has been going incredibly well recently, and I'm eagerly anticipating the chance to take a big shot at the Stockade-athon. The thrill of running, the camaraderie of fellow runners, and the pursuit of personal excellence make every step of this journey exhilarating.

So, to all my fellow runners and aspiring athletes out there, keep chasing your dreams, and remember that the path to success is filled with exciting twists and turns. I can't wait to see what the future holds and to share my progress with all of you. Let's lace up our shoes and hit the pavement together because the best is yet to come!



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Amy Tortorello.  #1 Female

Thanks for a great race yesterday! Here are some of my thoughts based on your questions -


This was my first time running the Mohawk-Hudson Half, but I have been looking forward to it for a long time! My husband and some close friends of ours are all from the Albany area so I have been hearing about this race for years. I am in the middle of a buildup for the Philadelphia Marathon in mid-November, so this was a solid race effort for me. I didn't run close to my PR but was happy to take the win on a beautiful day and put my marathon legs to the test. I loved running on the bike paths!



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Tricia with husband John behind her


Tricia Longo #3

“The Mohawk Hudson half marathon this past weekend was a great experience! This was my second time running this race and everything was well organized and planned, thank you HMRRC!


Earlier this year, John (my husband) and I decided we would sign up for this race and make it a main focus for the fall. Not long after signing up, John tore his hamstring during the Firecracker 4 and had to take some unexpected time off. Since he wasn’t able to train at full strength for most of the summer, he offered to pace me during this race so I could try to run a PR.


That ended up working out really well! Having someone to run with the whole time made a huge difference, especially in the later miles when I started struggling. My legs don’t handle downhill races very well and having to run 8 flat miles after the big downhill in Cohoes was tough. I can’t say I felt amazing the entire race, but I was able to fight and come away with a PR of almost 30 seconds, so I was very happy!”

John Longo
This was a great race - well organized, lots of support, and easy to see fellow competitors. Thanks to HMRRC for putting this on for the community!

I have lived here for about six years and never done this race but this year I had friends in both the marathon (Alex Grout) and the half marathon (Charlie Ragone) who I was hoping to work with to break 2:30 or 1:10 respectively when I signed up this spring - Unfortunately a pretty bad hamstring strain sidelined me for about 3 weeks in July and made for a slow comeback in August. 

Soon thereafter we had a change of plans. Running tends to be a selfish sport (or has potential to be). Tricia and I are aware of this and try to lessen the burden when possible. This block we prioritized Tricia’s training as I worked my way back into shape and helped her in a number of longer workouts. 

We have done this before a few times when I get injured, but it has been a few years. I find that working with her gives my training purpose as well - even when I’m operating well below 100%. It’s something we can share and be proud of together.

The icing on the cake was putting our training to the test on October 8th. Tricia set a half marathon PR for the second time in five weeks, and I got my longest workout in since the end of June, and waking up free of any musculoskeletal issues on Monday! A win-win and cause for celebration in our house!

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Emily Taft-1st Local Female Overall

This was my 4th time running the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon (3rd year in a row), unfortunately this year’s race didn’t go as I had hoped and trained for. It wasn’t a PR for me, but it was my second fastest half marathon that I’ve run. Around mile 6, I could feel the wheels starting to fall off, it felt like I was losing strength and power with every stride. Tthat’s a bit too soon to be struggling in a half marathon, so I knew it was going to be a tough race for me. The headwind at that point certainly didn’t help, either! My last 5k of the race was especially difficult. I ended up being completely alone on the bike path and really had to dig deep to keep my legs moving at that point.  Although I’m disappointed I didn’t PR, I am so excited for so many other runners that crushed it today (I know Tricia and Stephanie who finished ahead of me had big PRs!), and I’m grateful to be part of this amazing running community. I love being greeted by race director Maureen at the finish line and seeing the awesome AREEP team hard at work to make this event happen. The volunteers and spectators along the course are always awesome, and I’m lucky to have a supportive family to cheer me on as well (including my dog, Frankie, who enjoys licking off my sweat afterwards!).
 I’m sure I’ll be back again next year!

MHRHM2023 - IMG_4171.jpg 

Dan McGrath-1st in Master’s Class
I had a great experience at Sunday's race.  This was my 2nd time running it; I also ran it last year.  I ran 10 seconds faster this year, but I was hoping to run about a minute faster this time around.  I ran with a great pack of 5-6 guys for much of the race, but I overcooked the downhill portion from miles 2-5 and paid for it when we turned into the wind around 8-9k into the race. I did not get close to my PR, but my PRs are all 15 years old, and I am in a different phase of my running journey at this point of my life. It was technically a Masters PR for me (though I only turned 40 in April and this was my second HM [and second race] as a Masters runner).  My favorite part of the race was the last 200 meters or so; there were a lot of folks cheering us on (including my parents) and it's always nice to finish a race when you overcooked the early miles and suffered more than expected during the second half of the race. The volunteer and police support along the course was great and the course was incredibly well-marked.  The highlight of the day for me was my older brother Shaun running a much smarter race than me and beating his Masters PR by more than 2 minutes while finishing 2nd in the Masters category.  He has been training hard and was due for a big race.  My final takeaway: it really is a first-class event and I plan to race it again next fall.


Meg Versteegan.jpg

Meg Versteegan 1st in Female Master’s Class

After a drencher of a Saturday, the following morning dawned optimistically for the Mohawk Hudson half marathon. Hopping out of the car at the starting area, I began my warmup, feeling the excitement in the air. You can't beat the energy at the start of a race! We assembled at the starting line and took off for a loop around the Colonie town park before cross-countrying over to the bike path. I love this type of running, particularly in autumn with the changing leaves and filtered light. I tried to settle in on my pace and keep my eyes open for slippery leaves and seeds brought down by the rains the day before. Bonus points as I didn't trip or fall! I had run this half course once before, but I hadn't refreshed myself on the layout. I'd forgotten that the first portion has a good bit of downhill before it flattens out for the remainder. I kept pretty steady and was able to catch a few people in the last few miles.

Big shout out to the supporters and water station volunteers - such a nice boost along the way, particularly in the second half where there are several quiet stretches! I saw my husband with about a half mile to go, powering me through to the finish where I managed to nab first place masters. Lovely as always to see new and old friends in the finish area afterwards! Thanks to the race organizers and volunteers - another good one in the books!


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Lauren in middle with friends

Lauren Scarupa-2nd Female Age 30-34

It was my first time running the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon, and I would have to say that it was an awesome event! From basically perfect conditions to a scenic and fast course, this race had it all! And as always, Jennings Landing made for a great place to cheer on my teammates and celebrate after the race. Overall, I ended up placing second in my age group, running my 3rd fastest half marathon time in 1:32:38!


Race Stats

21st Mohawk Hudson Half M…

899 Registered

746 Started

743 Finished
201 First Time

153 PRs (20.51%)


Click here for extensive pictures from the MHR Marathon 2023



Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon Awards

Just like the marathon, all race finishers will receive a medal to commemorate their achievements. There will also be commemorative and cash awards given to the top three male and female finishers in the amounts of $750, $500, and $250 to the respective places.

Cash awards will be given to the top three male and female Masters finishers in the amount of $250, $125, $75 to the respective places.

Commemorative awards will also be given to the top three male and female finishers from each of the following categories.














For the half marathon, the top three local residents will receive $150, $100, and $50 respectively.

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