What Running Apps Our Runners Use and Why?

by HMRRC Members

Joe Sullivan

I use Garmin Connect (GC) and Strava for my run workouts.

My workouts load to GC, and then I link Strava with GC.

GC is great, but it has limited features and abilities. This is where Strava comes in handy. Strava has great features that make workouts more enjoyable and sometimes more challenging. The social aspect of the app is also a great feature. It's easy to follow other runners. Strava also has a segment feature that keeps your efforts on a specific course. You can challenge your best times or go for the best time out of everyone who has completed the segment (King of the Mountain).

Strava has too many great features to list here, but there's definitely something for every type of runner with this app. It can be as basic or advanced as you'd like it to be.

Jon Lindenauer

I use Strava and Garmin Connect. The data from my Garmin watch automatically synchronizes with the app, which in turn automatically uploads the information to Strava. The data in Garmin Connect is more detailed than what is imported to Strava if you only have the basic version (you have to pay for the premium version) - in particular, it shows more detailed splits and interactive graphs; these are important when it comes to analyzing a race or a workout. And Strava is fantastic because when you run a great race or workout you want people to know and see!

Vasil Koleci

Garmin Connect, Strava and Recovery.  Garmin Connect is great for scheduling workouts, tracking sneaker miles and of course all the stats.  I am a relatively new Strava user.  Having segments, detailed stats and being able to tag into group runs is very helpful.  The recovery app is outstanding.  There are a lot of great workouts that you can do when you are pressed for time and need to squeeze in a quick workout.

Jessica Northan

I use Garmin and Strava (basic free version).  In addition to the distance and pace calculations, I like that I can hook a heart rate chest strap monitor to my Garmin watch. I also like looking at the elevation profile and accumulation,  however I regularly find that Garmin and Strava measure elevation differently, and there are pretty drastic differences for the same routes. I’m not sure why that is or which one is more accurate. I also like the segment portion of Strava. It’s fun to see my past efforts and how they might compare to recent ones, especially for Nordic ski segments as some days the snow is wicked fast and other days not so much.  I also like that Strava shows other people who did the same workout/race as you. Maybe you talk a bit in the race but don’t get their name at the time. After the race, you can find them on Strava to reconnect. Seems a bit stalker-ish but I haven’t had any bad experiences.

Lauren Scarupa

I use the Strava running app. My favorite features of the app are the automatic uploads from my watch to my phone, as well as the ability to easily search the app for past runs that I want to compare to more recent runs. I also enjoy using Strava to keep in touch with my teammates and to see what type of runs everyone has been up to. Other than that, I also always enjoy browsing the segment leader boards after logging my runs.

Sarah Parks

I use many different running apps! I use Strava mainly for my general recording of runs and connecting with running friends. I don’t pay for a Strava subscription, though, as I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m able to get data from the Final Surge app instead of paying for this in Strava. I also use CityStrides, which is currently only a website and not an app. It’s a website for heatmapping and it’s given me motivation to get through runs over the winter season! I use MapMyRun to map out long runs or heatmapping runs. And I use the Garmin app to create workouts.

Mary Claire Falotico

I use Strava which is connected to my watch so all my runs get uploaded to that and then my coach and I use FinalSurge. I use Strava just for fun. I have a number of friends and family that are also runners so it’s fun to connect and give each other kudos on runs. It is also useful for route finding when I travel. I absolutely love that my coach uses FinalSurge. All my workouts and runs are uploaded directly from my watch to the app and my coach can see them as soon as I complete them. Then we both can comment back and forth in a running log. I have found it very useful. I also use the Coros app and website that comes with my watch to coach my athletes.

Michelle Davis

The running apps I use are Strava and Garmin. I use Garmin to keep track of water intake, steps, stress and heart rate.  When I have a good workout I like seeing the Strava graphs as my pace changes. I also enjoy seeing what other people are doing, whether it's running, biking, hiking etc.

Liz Chauhan

Yes, I use my Peloton app. I love hearing the conversation and the coaching tips even though I almost never follow the class cues. I have made a lot of friends on the platform and I love retaking a class and hearing their shoutouts. I have some classes I have done 10 or more times because they motivate me and the coach has just the right words for even the toughest workout. I also like having the surprise of a song for a new class and usually I’m singing along if it’s an easier day.

Emily Taft

I use Strava (like almost every other runner I know). It’s a fun way to track your own progress, and it adds some fun challenges, like going after segments, and I like being able to give “kudos” to my running friends as well. I also use the COROS app to go with my watch which has tons of data (more than what I need!) for each run.

Neil Sergott

I use a Garmin 935 watch. The features I like are the Triathlon mode that includes swimming and transition segments.  Workouts are uploaded to Garmin Connect that can sort activities a number of ways to see training patterns.  The Garmin 935 includes personal best times at varying distances for each sport.  I have been using Garmin watches for 10 years and enjoy all the functions it has to offer.

Barbara Bradley

I started with Strava to map my routes and better keep track of mileage and times for training on my Apple Watch. I added Garmin Connect after I bought my first Garmin watch. Both apps have similar features, though I do like that my Garmin paces are slightly faster than on Strava!

Todd Shatynski

Strava. Used to use Runkeeper but have gotten into tracking more of the segments and competing a bit with that! I don’t need a lot of nudges to work out but this gives me one when I need it!

Greg Ethier 

All my data is on my COROS watch/app. I try to keep it as simple as possible. No complaints.

Andy Reed

I use Strava, mainly because I like to see what everyone else is doing and I find the social aspects motivating, especially on days when I find it's hard to get out the door.

Pete Rowell

Strava. It is easy to import runs and keep track of distance. The social aspect is fun sometimes as well.

Liwei Hao

Suunto (the one comes with my watch, have to use for data collection) and Strava. I like it because it can collect data and do analysis from different platforms/watches.

Sue Nealon

I have a Garmin 235 and the app Garmin Connect that displays my mileage, time, running stats. Very simple.

Kristen Hislop

Garmin connect (to see workouts off my watch), Strava free version, just because other people use it. Training Peaks —I use this to train runners and triathletes. Peloton just when I am traveling. Features - all the apps have a ton of functionality, but I really only use a fraction.

Kelly Virkler

I mostly just use Strava, mainly for the social aspect. The segments are fun too.

Shaun Donegan

I use Strava but only to compete on segments. It's super addicting!

Meg Louden

I use Strava, Garmin and the V02dot. I like how I can add my workouts to the V02dot and it links to my Garmin. V02dot will also give you an estimated time goal.

Megan Kopp

I use the Garmin app. It’s my favorite because it links to my watch, plus it is very simple.

Amber Coppolo

I just use Strava and Garmin, the basics.

Brina Seguine

I use Strava because it keeps track of how far I run each day and each week.  I can also see what other people that I know do.  I also like how it keeps track of the pace per mile.

Janne Rand Gilligan

I use Strava. I like Strava because you know you’re being watched so you can’t get away with skipping your run and your workout splits better not suck. I also like final surge because I also know I’m being watched by a watchful eye. It helps keep you accountable and on track with training and getting in the miles.

David Glass [He is breaking records in his age category!]

Sorry, I don't currently use a running app. I had a Fitbit for about 5 years and used it to calculate cadence and stride length, but it broke down and I didn't replace it.

Nate Laing

I use Strava to view/organize all my running and hiking activities in one place, and also so I can see what fellow runners are up to!

Jake Kobrin

I use Strava, since it’s an easy way to automatically log mileage and find new routes.

Aidan Canavan

I use Strava and Garmin connect. Dicord for club communications.
I like how I can share runs and set up community events through Strava.

Alyssa Bove

I use Strava and love it! I love the social aspect and being motivated by seeing my friends run and work out.

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