New HMRRC Members for February

by Christine Bishop

Membership is key to a club’s health and its ability to carry out its functions. The HMRRC needs its members to run the organization and run in its races, help with races, carry out administrative functions, and so much more. In addition, the money brought in by membership fees helps to finance our races and the many charitable activities we engage in. For example, the HMRRC yearly grants six $3,000 scholarships to worthy high school student athletes; carries out a program called Just Run that encourages young children to run and helps to finance those in schools that do not have financial resources to do so; gives money for road and trail improvement in areas that runners, bicyclists and walkers use for recreation; and donates to needy organizations that promote running and health in the Capital Region. It annually donates at least $75,000 each year for these endeavors. So, as you can see, the HMRRC is more than races and your contribution through membership fees helps to make this happen.

These people joined in February 2023 and we THANK them!

Rachel Conley
Steven Tinkler

Maggie Wood
Todd Edmister
Christos Tsolakis
Sophia Pfoltzer
Yahong Ge
Nicole Lemanski
Victoria Burgess
Patrick Heenan
Michael LaChapelle
Kelly Stengel
Sean Gemerek
Jamie DiCesare

Jeff Krempa
Cole Krempa
Nusa Bawla
Abbey Stubbs
Olivia Stubbs
Robbie Stubbs
Heather Stubbs
Rob Stubbs
Mike Morelli
Mohammad Sultan
Dennis Beardsley

Yusuf Bhatti
Ahmed Khan
Imran Akhtar
Alexis Holmes
Nick Ricciardi
Daniel Zobre
Timothy Doyle

Factoid: The president of the HMRRC, the chief CEO, and a volunteer get paid the same: Nothing because this is a non-profit organization, but both enjoy the knowledge that they are helping to promote running and health in the Greater Albany area.
If you would like to join, click here or if you are going to the Adirondack Summer Sports Expo in Saratoga Springs, March 18-19, you can visit the HMRRC booth and get a gift for registering as a new member.

Upcoming Races You Can Enjoy as a New Member

Runnin’ of the Green

Click on picture to register to race or volunteer

Click on picture to register to race or volunteer

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