Grafton 15K- Trail Race Coming on April 23

by Bill Hoffman

In an effort to build up the trail running community in the capital district, Tim Ela, Naomi Hoffman, and I created Mountain Dog Running. We have held the Moreau Half three years in a row, we also hosted the 12 hour Death by Staircase. For the second year in a row, we are holding the Grafton 15K on Saturday April 23.

This area has some fantastic trail systems, and lots of runners. However, there is a lack of races and runners on those trails. As Christopher McDougall said in Born To Run, “We don’t race each other to beat each other, but rather to be together." Races are a great way to learn a new trail, and meet like minded runners. Trail racing is different from road races because instead of locking into a single pace and holding on for as long as you can, you are naturally forced to slow down and speed up as the terrain dictates. The Grafton 15K is a great introduction to trail running. It is not very long and only has about 900 feet of elevation gain.

It is a fantastic trail system around a beautiful lake. Much like the Moreau Half, the start is on a beach, but after that you are in the woods. If you don’t have plans for April 23, we would love to have you come join the party. There will be a BBQ on the beach at the finish line. Here are a few pictures from last year's race.

                                         The trail map
                                           Bill Hoffman marking the course
                                                           Ready, set, go
                                            Runner's high
                    Fun times! 1st, 2nd and 3rd with trophy shovels

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Happy Trails to you!

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