The Corporate Challenge – Better than I Remembered

by Benita Zahn

Sometimes reality can't live up to a memory. But, for me, it did. In fact, it surpassed my memory, with regards to the CDPHP Corporate Challenge held on May 18th. 

As I'd written in a previous column, it's been years since I toed the line at this race. Last time I ran it, it was still referred to the MANNY HANNY for the Manufacturers Hanover bank that sponsored it for years. For years my work schedule, anchoring the news at WNYT, precluded me from running this race. But now, working at Capital Cardiology, I answered the call to join that team. Like the thousands of other participants, I donned the team shirt, a bright red in our case, gathered in advance of the start with teammates to chat, plan race strategy and take the obligatory team pictures. A happy lot were we. Not all runners, but no matter. We were there as a team! 

More than 6 thousand people registered to take part so it's no wonder you meet friends, some before the start as everyone mills around on the Empire State Plaza, some as you line up and realize the person in front of you is an old buddy, and others as you make your way along the 3.5 miles. 

And what a night for this year's race! Bright sunshine, a bluebird sky and just enough breeze to keep you cool as you worked up a sweat. 

As for the course, I'm quite familiar with that neck of the woods, and yet, as we ran through Washington Park, at every turn I said to myself, not that hill! Yes, this is a hilly course. And there are many turns, so any participant who clocked a PR can be doubly proud. It's no, pardon me, walk in the park! 

Kudos to the organizers. Smooth at the start and well organized at the end. When runners crossed the finish line, they were directed back onto the plaza to pick up their race swag, a t-shirt and snack bag that's reusable. Then there was a stop to check your stats and take a picture. And remember, anyone who registered for the in-person or virtual race is eligible for a membership to HMRRC. Be sure to use it. 

While I didn't PR, far from it, I delighted in the camaraderie and yes, the challenge of the hills. Now, on to the Freihofer's Run for Women!

                                                    Benita’s Team - Capital Cardiology

BenitaLogo.pngAbout Dr. Benita Zahn

Benita is a certified Health and Wellness Coach working with clients at Capital Cardiology Associates. Benita spent more than 40 years as a health reporter and news anchor at WNYT in Albany, NY. She covered issues such as wellness, treatment breakthroughs, aging, nutrition, and the latest health care trends. Benita’s work has taken her around the world and across the USA. Benita is a contributor to the weekly “Live Smart” page in the Times Union, the HMRRC Pacesetter and the new magazine 55+LIVING. Benita also created and co-hosts the podcast EVERYTHING THEATER.

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