16th Father’s Day Home Run Derby: June 16, 2023

by Chris Bishop

I am always happy when it’s time to go this race as it is one of my favorites. It never fails to thrill me even if the weather is less than desirable as it was this year. For the past several years the weather was spot on perfect. This year, however, the forecast was bleak and partly on target. As I drove to the event it was pouring but miraculously when I arrived at the Joe Bruno Stadium the rain had stopped and all that remained were waterlogged runners who seemed not bothered in the least. Runners, as we know, are strong people. During the race there was occasional drizzle but nothing significant. The rain gods relented, and the race was a success. Amazingly more runners came to the race this year than last.

The Father’s Day race is famous in the Capital Region as a family event with fathers, mothers and grandparents running with their children. This year Ryan Brennan went a step further. Ryan’s father, John, died earlier in the year, leaving Ryan feeling powerless. He wanted to honor his dad but didn’t know how and then he thought of this race. He knew his dad adored sports and what better way to show their love than at a Father’s Day race. Ryan contacted family members and they too thought it a perfect idea. Ryan designed a t-shirt for the race and the family prepared to run or walk the 5K. It was the first official run for Ryan. He is now running regularly discovering that he enjoys it. His other family members did too so they now plan to make this a yearly tribute.

From left back row Janet Derby Jan Brennan Aaron Duron Jack Brennan Ryan Brennan Rich Schultz Kelli Brennan, front row Liam Brennan.
                   Carter Flowers (3), Graham Richard (2), Jon Lindenauer (1), and Pete Rowell (4)

The top three overall winners were Jon Lindenauer-16:01 5:10 pace; Graham Richard-16:08 5:13 pace; and Carter Flowers-16:45 5:24 pace.

                                        Allison Konderwich, Brina Seguine and Beth Irwin

The top three females were: Allison Konderwich-19:42 6:22; Brina Seguine-20:13 6:32; and Beth Irwin-22:37 7:18.

The kid's race was enough to melt anyone's heart! Numerous fathers and mothers ran with their daughters and sons: future track stars!

The Valley Cats stadium was spectacular, and the hot dog buffet afterwards was great fun as always.

16th Tri-City ValleyCats …

See you next year!!

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