Doug Bowden Winter Series 1

by Christine Bishop

         Ed Hampston and Laurie Klinge enjoying the snow

The Doug Bowden races kick off the annual free for members 5 race series. The weather can add an element of surprise to this race, and it sure did with an early snow fall covering the race course on December 11.  Pictures of people running in the snow are pretty for the viewers but challenging for the warriors who are pounding the slippery roads for a win, get a PR or just have fun. After their workout, they were greeted by the smell of fresh soup awaiting them to taste courtesy of Bountiful Bread which also gave loaves of bread as prizes in the race.  There were, of course, other foods and beverages to nourish and renew our runners after their workout.

Before the race began, Jim Moore was presented with the HMRRC Hall of Fame Award.  His running accomplishments are legend. For example, in a one-year period when he was 44 years old, he ran three sub-3-hour marathons: NYC, Boston, and MHM. Another amazing statistic  is that at the end of November of this year, he had run 1,083 races with more to come.  Click here for the article on his life.

Both the 15K and 5.5K race saw an increase from last year in participation, which shows that snow did not deter attendance. People wanted to run!

2022 – 15K 126     5.5K 127

2021 – 15K 100.    5.5K   95

Let’s go 2023!


Doug Bowden Winter Series…

Pictures from 2022
Pictures from 2021

New Feature: Volunteers

To follow are the list of volunteers for WS1.

As mentioned in a previous article, if you notice that your name has been left off, click on this button, then click on the hyperlink, and send us your name and the race involved. Thank you.

Here Are WS1 Volunteers

Bailey, Marey
Becker, Mike
Bishop, Christine
Celello, Michele
Choiniere, Donna
Clark, Douglas
Cole, Dave
Cox, Maureen
Davis, Bill
DeGrazia, Martha
Dott, Arthur
Dott, Karen
Feinstein, Ralph
Forbes, Paul
Haley, John
Hampston, Ed
Hao, Liwei
Kelly, Mike
Klinge, Lindsey
Lee, Michael
Lee Jr, Raymond
Lesniak, Matt
Martin, Patrick
McGuire, Tom
Meehan, Bill
Mehan, Jill
Mio, Liz
Neiles, Ed
Nunez, Mark
Ottaway, William
Parisella, John
Patrick, Martin
Scarupa, Lauren
Silverberg, Steven
Skinner, Ken
Smith, Stacia
Smith, Sammi
Sofia, Michael
Somerville, Robert
Warner, Mark

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