New HMRRC Members and Donations in January

January saw many new members sign up. As mentioned before, members are important for club functions as it is a non-profit organization and help is always welcome for volunteer work at all levels of the club. Another vital function is that dues from membership help to pay for the many charitable endeavors of the club from scholarships, to the Just Run Program encouraging young children to run, and to financial assistance to towns and counties to improve areas where our members run, walk, and bike. In total, the HMRRC gives over $75,000 each year for these projects. As you can see, membership is the key to our success.

This month we thought we would highlight families who joined by adding the pictures of those who agreed to. Enjoy!

Lena, Abraham
Lindsey, Ahrens
Christopher, Ashley
Maria, Ashley

Adnan Bakar
Melissa Bakar
Michael Barrett
Thomas Bronchetti
Randal Bushart
Susan Callaghan
Rachel Conley
Craig Connelly
Kate Connelly

Charlie DeBoyace
Wyatt D'Emilia
Lynne DeRusso
Krystina Diamond
Richard Diamond

Keith Donegan
Kate DuBois-Huskie
Stewart Dutfield and Jean Kerr

Sky Eigen
Bonnie Eisenberg
Jonathan Eisenberg
Dora Fisher
Alessandro Genova
Brian Greenhill
Erin Gregory
Carol Gurney
Greg Hart
Ilana Harwayne-Gidansky
Colin Henck
Saul Hymes
Tim James
Karen Jean
Brian Kelly
David Klein
Brad Lewis
Dan Loman
Shawn Lynch
Jerry Ma
Leah McIntosh
Anna McLoon
Nathalie Monpoeho
Kari Murad
Thomas Murphy
Alex Novicki
Cassandra Passinault-Caputo
Jennifer Pierce
Simon Powhida
Amanda Purdy
Melanie Redfield
Bryan Reed
Madyson (daughter) Reed

Simon Rieffel
Norman Rose
Nicole Rosenberger
Dustin Rounds
John Seigle
Lisa Seigle

Alyxandra Sherwood
Anna Simpson
Beyza Sinan
Kelly Smith
Tricia Stevenson
Leslie Taylor
Steven Tinkler
Bernard Weis
Sharon Weis
Timothy Welles
Daniel Wellner
Omar Williams
Margaret Wood

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Donations Made in January
Christine Bishop – Ultrarunner
image0 (4).jpeg











Damian Compa – Ultrarunner
Steve Engel – Track Star
Janice McLachlan – Track Star

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