July Races: Weather was Hot and So Were the Runners

    Alex Hislop with his mother at Freedom Mile (Alex also was 2nd American at the
                                        Subaru 4 Mile Chase, July 21. 4th overall

Does hot weather and running go together? Definitely for runners in the Capital Region. There was a wealth of races that our members participated in. The weather was steamin’ and so were our runners!  Hot temps must have fired them up!

July 4 – Firecracker 4- Race Results

July 4 – Clifton Park Freedom Mile – Race Results
              Winner Alex Hislop did mile in 4:50 and ran Firecracker 4 earlier coming in 2nd: 20:07

July 6 –Route 50 Mile – Race Results

July 9 – Boilermaker –

15K Results
$$$ Awards
Age Group Awards
5k Results

Locals who placed in the Boilermaker (Note: This is a huge honor since there were 6,972 finishers!)

Age Group 20-24 – Kerry Flower, #2-58:59
Age Group 25-29 – Olivia Beltrani, #4-57:03
Age Group 35-39 – Karen Bertasso Hughes, #2-57:02
Age Group 40-44 – Josh Merlis, #1-52:29
Age Group 45-49 – Matthew Gokey, #3-57:21
Age Group 50-54 – Christine Capalbo, #1-1:04:49 and Karen Dolge #3-1:10:23
Age Group 55-59 – Alison Heaphy, #1-1:08:37
Age Group 60-64 – Colleen Brackett, #2-1:11:11
Age Group 80-99 – Jayne Zinke, #2-2:09:43


July 11 – Colonie Mile - Race Results
  6 people did 4 minute miles

Thanks to John Parisella for the pictures!

July 11 - Colonie Summer Track #2 - Results

July 15 – Silks & Satins – Race Results

July 16 – Dippikill Froggy 5 Mile – Race Results

July 16 – Hard As Hell Half Marathon – Race Results

July 13-16 – Photos ARE Trail Running Camp

July 18 - Colonie Summer Track #3 – Rained Out!!

July 25 - Colonie Summer Track #4 - Results

July 27 – ARE Summer Trail Run Series - Photos

Three runners, known to us all, Meghan Mortensen, Megan James and Jon Lindenauer ran three races in one weekend. Amazing, huh!!!

Meghan Mortensen: Firecracker 4- 25:10; Boilermaker- 1:02:00; Route 50 Miler- 5:24:08

Megan James: Firecracker 4- 27:59; Boilermaker- 1:11:52; Route 50 Miler- 5:50:02

Jon Lindenauer: Firecracker 4- 20:43; Boilermaker- 52:02; Route 50 Miler- 4:29:04

Jon said this about his feat and alerted me to two others who likewise ran the three:

This year I ran well in 2 of the 3 races. I did not run so well at the Boilermaker but it did not have anything to do with having already raced twice previously that same week. I had a really horrible sleeping arrangement for the Boilermaker and that was what cost me. I felt tired due to that, but it was not even a thought in my mind that completing the other two races that week would have any impact.

I would definitely do the same thing again. If a race is very hilly or anything approaching marathon distance, then I would not consider it for a double but for two shorter flatter style races it is perfectly fine.

                                          The Boilermaker 2023 with Jon in middle

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