43rd Runnin' of the Green: Analysis, Results and Even a Poem

by Chris Bishop and Friends

Weather can be a chancy thing for a race but on March18, Irish eyes were smiling on the Runnin’ of the Green (ROTG), and it was a glorious day where shamrocks could easily be spotted. The race had two significant new features: a new racecourse and it was added to the USATF Grand Prix race roster. The racecourse was changed because it was felt that having runners go onto a highway presented safety problems. The newly designed course was then certified by both the HMRRC and the USATF. Race director Brian Northan and his wife Jessica deserve plaudits for carrying out an historic race. Photographs were taken by HMRRC Graphics Editor, Bill Meehan, and Chris Bishop that are available for all to appreciate on the HMRRC website.

*Reactions to the New Course

Clay Ludovice

The Running of the Green (ROTG) returned to a Schalmont High School start with a new course at the 5K distance. The ROTG is a HMRCC Grand Prix event. With the new lollipop shaped 5K, a change from the historical 4-mile distance for the event, the ROTG saw fast times for both the men and women. The top 3 men each clocked times at a sub 5 minute pace, with James Anderson crossing the finish line first at 15:14. The top 3 women similarly put-up impressive times, each clocking under 6 minute pace. Cara Udvadia took first place with a time of 17:33. The flat, fast course, was only slowed by a strong head wind facing the runners over the last mile.

Cara Udvadia

I had a great time at the race this weekend. It was a very nice course, despite the wind making it challenging during the third mile. It was my first race with the new team, Capital Region Elite Women (CREW). I had such a fun time warming up and racing with my teammates!

Jon Lindenauer

As someone who has never run the previous 4-mile version of Running with the Green, the 2023 5k version was my introduction to the event. What I did know is the race is held annually in March, when winter has yet to break its stranglehold on upstate New York - as evidenced by the fact that for the past two years the Electric City race (held in Schenectady, also in March) has had snowy, sub-optimal racing conditions. And so, for a March race a person competing or hosting is essentially flipping a coin for whether the conditions will be perfect or brutal.

Running of the Green was basically a tale of two courses: a clear sky with a gradual downhill opening stretch which made for a flying-fast mile for the lead group, then later punctuated by a gradual uphill into a brutal headwind along the same stretch at the end. I would like to say that there were some pleasant moments along the route, however, the main moments I recall were: passing closely beside a couple that was walking causing the woman to scream, overtaking local ARE runner Pete Rowell and commenting "This wind, huh?" to which he replied "........" and imagining that a personalized version of hell for me would be just endlessly winding through that same neighborhood trying to catch runners who are impossibly far ahead. Overall, I will do this one again.

Lauren Carnahan

5Ks are not my jam…at all. However, when it comes to running with my team/friends, that is my jam and totally worthwhile! This was my first experience racing “Runnin’ of the Green!” Last year I had the opportunity to volunteer and cheer at the “Runnin’ of the Green.” This was due to injury, a pretty bad one as a matter of fact. A stress fracture in the femoral neck that left me on crutches and doing non-weight bearing activities for months. I felt frustrated and defeated for more than 6 months.

When it came time to start running and training again, I am thankful I have a wonderful team that I am part of, Willow Street. “Runnin’ of the Green” this year was my first race of 2023 and also back with my teammates/friends. It was a beautiful morning, the sun shining, a little wind (we won’t complain about that), and smiles on faces. Thank you to the HMRR for putting on a great race and congratulations to all that ran!

*Team Competition

The ROTG is more than having individuals run a race, it also encourages groups to participate. Other than running and training with friends for the race, teams can win monetary prizes which this year added up to $1,156! Click here for team prize results.

Clay Ludovice wrote this about the teams: The ROTG also provided for team competition on a mixed male, female and age graded time scoring. The CREW. X Run Club Part 2 team, consisting of Ryan Udvadia, Cara Udvadia, John Longo and Tricia Longo, took first place over the field of twelve teams. The ROTG provided a solid, competitive beginning for what should turn out to be a great 2023 race season.

*Poet Laureate Speaks

The Magic of the Runnin’ of the Green

By Brina Seguine

After St. Patrick’s Day came and went
It was time for another great event.
Lots of good runners came to the scene.
And what was that? The Runnin’ of the Green.
The race was held at the same place.
However, with a little less space.
Instead of running four miles, a little over three.
Still was difficult with the wind coming at me.
It was great to see everyone’s smiling face.
Before, during and after the race.
At the awards ceremony, a lot did cheer.
Then everything was over until next year.
So, one more thing to say about the fun,
Hope everyone had a great St Patrick’s run!


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