Favorite Races? I Love Them All, but ...

by Benita Zahn

Asking me to rate my favorite races is a bit like asking do I prefer chocolate chip or strawberry ice cream. Some days you feel like something really sweet and crunchy and other days, simply smooth. And in fact, I have not been toeing the line frequently. Some of it has to do with my schedule. I’ve been performing more frequently in live, local theater. And my new career as a health coach combined with studying for, and passing, the national boards is taking up a lot of my time. So, I find myself selecting races that make me smile. Most mornings you’ll find me running with my pal Bonnie on local routes.

           Benita at Fire Cracker 4 with husband Bob

At this juncture it must be well organized and fun. For me that means the Freihoffer’s Run for Women and the Fire Cracker 4. These are no muss no fuss races. They’re organized to a T. The support is spectacular. And the participants are so enthusiastic.  I’m looking ahead to the Mall to 5K for much the same reason. It’s low-key but yes, there’s a sense of enthusiasm at that race. And yes, 5K for me this year because that last hill on the 10K course was a bit defeating especially when a lovely gentleman 15 years my senior left me in the dust!  These days, for me, racing must be quite simply a fun experience. I know many people ran the boilermaker 15K. I applaud all of them. But for me the Boilermaker is that 15 K course that puts you out on the highway with about another 2 miles to go in the baking sun. Usually, I have to figure out how to dig down and get through it. And oh yes, all the kids who lined the course with their parents and ice pops on a hot day for cold towels. Again, it’s the fun factor.

So whatever race you decide to sign up for in the days and weeks ahead still have your own goal. It may be a new distance it may be a PR but, in the end, I hope you all come away with a big smile on your face knowing that it was in an event worth investing your time in and one that when done, you can applaud the hard-working race directors and volunteers for their work.

BenitaBestLogo.jpgAbout Dr. Benita Zahn

Benita is a certified Health and Wellness Coach working with clients at Capital Cardiology Associates. She has spent more than 40 years as a health reporter and news anchor at WNYT in Albany, NY,  covering issues such as wellness, treatment breakthroughs, aging, nutrition, and the latest health care trends.  She continues to produce and host  “Health Beat” a digital health interview program on wnyt.com and can be heard on the station’s podcast. She regularly writes for the Times Union, the HMRRC Pacesetter, and the new magazine 55+LIVING. Benita also created and co-hosts the podcast EVERYTHING THEATER.

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