It Takes a Village to put on the MHR Marathon and Half

compiled by Chris Bishop

The number of people needed to create, run, and then clean up an event like this is staggering. We thank those notated here and if anyone is omitted, please forgive us. The list may overwhelm you, but it will give you an idea of the complexity of this event and the many people essential to carrying it out. Maybe next year, you might want to play a part in two of the most popular races of the HMRRC program.



Organizational Committee

Race Director

Maureen Cox

Administrative Lead

Barbara Sorrell

Bus/Baggage Coordinator

Vince Wegner

Baggage bus marathon (Schenectady): Deanna Dugan

Baggage bus half marathon (Colonie): Colleen O’ Reilly


Sharon Sykes

Amateur Radio Operator Lead: Karen Smith

Course Coordinators

Randy and Kathleen Goldberg, Ken Skinner, Jonathan Peck, Heather Peck,
Lisa DiCocco, Ryan Nix, John Parisella

Lead Bikers coordinator

Maureen Cox

Course Marking/ set up

ARE Event Productions

Sag Wagons

Jim Russo, Carol Reardon

Elite Athlete Coordinator

Chuck Terry

Finish Line Director

George Regan

Finish Area Logistics Coordinator

Ed and Rox Gillen

Half Marathon Start Director

Peter Newkirk

Marathon Start Director

Tom Fitzpatrick

Medical Directors

Todd S. Shatynski MD
Michael Dailey, MD

Mile Marker Sign Coordinator

Christine Bishop

Operations Director

Cathy Sliwinski / Ed Neiles


Jennifer Hampston, Bill Meehan, Nick Bernard, Chris Bishop, Phil Borgese, John Parisella and Neil Sergott

Refreshment Coordinator

Ravi Chauhan


Maureen Cox/ Zippy Reg

Packet Pick up Coordinator

Jill Mehan and Rika Murray race day Jill/ Deanna ppu

Awards Coordinator/Medals

Debbie Beach

Social Media

Courtney Breiner


Kathy Van Valen

Water Stops Coordinator

Bill And Tammy Krisher

Water on course

Water coordinator:Ed Hampston

Water Trucks: John Haley, Vacant, Bill Davis. Rich Messineo

Volunteer Coordinator

Arleen Reyell, Jill Mehan

Water stops are essential and we thank these groups and people

Guilderland XC

Bill Tindale

Dave Kosier

Nark Running and Strength Strategies

Matt Nark

Myra Thorne

Shaker Boys Cross Country

Dan Bruton

Burnt Hills Track Club

Megan James


Shaker Girls Cross Country

Keith Weiss

Siena College

John Kenworthy (head coach)

Schalmont Cross Country

Rich Kanick

General Electric Gas Power

Adam Leamy

Cohoes Schools

Kiera Hovey

Colonie Cross Country

Jacob Johnson

Frank Myers

Delmar Track and Field

Emily Chromczak

Bill Davis

Colonie Cross Country

Frank Myers

Team in Training

Maria Weaver

Carrie O’Loughlin

Columbia Boys and Girls Cross Country

Ashley Gansle

Medical Tent Volunteers

Todd Statynski
Michael Dailey
Karen Bertasso
Brady Bowen
Richard Francesco
Valerie Mira
Mitchell Siwa
Garrett Kondek
Justin Tram
Becky Hager
Madison Dwyer
Jessica Siragusa
Zach Mylund

Cyclists from the Mohawk Hudson Cycling Club were on the course in support of the runners. They were with the lead male and female of both races as well as with the next packs of runners. We also had a cyclist riding in last place letting volunteers know that they the races ae over.

There are more lists to be added, so please check back!!

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