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Albany's Michelle Merlis qualifies for trail running world championships

Former basketball player finished first in Breakneck Point event to earn trip to Thailand

Mark Singelais

Michelle Merlis of Albany has a strange background for a trail runner, especially one who is headed to the world championships in November.

This Week In Running: May 2, 2022

Breakneck Point Trail Marathon-Beacon, NY

Race winners earned an automatic spot on the U.S. national team that will race 40 kilometers at the 2022 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships on November 5 in Thailand.


Michelle Merlis doubled down on last year’s win and course record, taking both again this year. Her effort came after a month’s worth of training on the Hudson Highlands State Park course, and she led wire to wire to finish in 5:26.

Can Extreme Fueling Approaches In Races Lead To Breakthroughs?

Time to role play. You're about to race a mountain marathon with 9000 feet of technical climbing and descending that will take more than 5 hours. If you win, you accomplish a lifelong dream and automatically qualify for Team USA at the World Trail Running Championships.

How little Running is respected as a sport by the New York Times – Running is not even mentioned.!!!!!

Critical differences between marathon runners and sprinters
Eliud Kipchoge was already famous but became increasingly well known for being the poster boy who set the world record in October 2019. He finished a marathon in 1:59:40 and covered 42.1km with an average pace of 2:50 per km. Usain Bolt is popularly known as the fastest man alive for setting the record in World Championships in 2009 by running 100m timed at 9.58 seconds.

'I falled but sometimes I ran normally': Boy, 6, whose parents were criticized for letting him run a MARATHON in eight hours and 35 minutes admits the 'hard' training reduced him to tears

A six-year-old boy whose parents were slammed for letting him run a marathon has admitted it was 'hard' and he even 'cried.'

Rainer Crawford from Bellevue, Kentucky, said sometimes during training 'I falled' but added 'sometimes it was like normal'.

The youngster completed the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio, in eight hours and 35 minutes last weekend.

Marathon official says allowing 6-year-old was ‘not the best’ choice

By Des Bieler

Today at 7:00 a.m. EDT

The director for a Cincinnati marathon issued a statement of regret Wednesday after her event allowed a 6-year-old boy to participate in the 26.2-mile race.

Would you wear these when running?

Dyson has taken its first step into wearable technology, with an eye-catching pair of over-ear headphones that come with an air-purifying mouth visor.

Best known for vacuum cleaners, Dyson has diversified in recent years with products such as fans and a hairdryer.

The headphones - dubbed Dyson Zone - are designed to tackle the growing issue of air pollution.

One reviewer said they would definitely "turn heads in the street".

Britta O'Boyle, deputy editor at gadget publication Pocket-lint, wrote: "Their design is certainly eye catching."  The sound quality was "excellent", she told the BBC News, and the headphones had a "lovely construction". But as she had been unable to test the product outdoors, she could not say how effectively it would purify air or "how silly you feel wearing it".

The headphones go on sale in the autumn. "We don't expect them to be cheap," O'Boyle added.

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