Fargo Marathon: Kim MacGregor Law's Quest

by Kim MacGregor Law

May 21st I ran the Fargo Marathon as part of my quest to run a marathon in all 50 states. This was state number 19, still a long way to go, but I love traveling to different places to run. It was also a Marathon Maniacs reunion of sorts, and it was great to reconnect with some Maniac friends after so long.

The race starts in the Fargodome, which was great for staying warm with lots of restrooms, no portapotty lines!

It was a wonderfully cool morning, 35 and sunny at the start. It got cloudy and never got over 46. The course is flat and fast, winding through the city, through 2 college campuses, and along the river for a short time. There were last minute course changes due to flooding, but the event team pulled it off with no glitches, and it was still a USATF certified, Boston Qualifier course.

Despite the chilly weather, there was great spectator support, lots of music on the course. The course has a couple of out and backs so you get to see the speedy racers, and to my surprise, I saw Karen Bertasso-Hughes, about her mile 17 I think, and she was leading all the women! I’m sure she was surprised to hear someone shrieking her name too!

I did make it to the “big” tourist attraction in town. I love this movie…

Ed. Note:  For those Wondering what to do in Fargo other than run a marathon, here is a link for “What to Do in Fargo”.  Another link is to the famous award winning movie “Fargo” by the Coen Brothers billed as a homespun murder story. It won the 1996 top film prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Unbelievably, there is another show dealing with Fargo: a Netflix series called "Fargo" that’s based on the movie.

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