Books to Read After Running

by Mark Mindel and Sally Drake

Elevation by Stephen King

An interesting novella from King. Recently divorced Scott Carey has been having a strange thing happen to him. (Well ,it IS a King novel). The 6'4 240 pound man is suddenly losing weight, but not losing any girth. He LOOKS the same and even when he puts 10 pound weights in his hands, they don't alter his weight. He starts losing 2-3 pounds per day. After conferring with neighbor and friend Bob "Doc" Ellis, Scott decides NOT to get tested by any scientists or doctors. Meanwhile, Scott has had some issues with his neighbors, a gay married couple who own a new restaurant in town but are facing prejudice from the townspeople of Castle Rock. As his weight continues to decline, but he still looks the same, he decides to enter the annual Castle Rock Turkey Trot and bets one of the neighbors, Deirdre "Dee Dee" McComb, a former star runner that if he beats her, Dee Dee and wife Missy, will be his dinner guests. I'll leave it at that. Think of the movie, "The Incredible Shrinking Man!" ****

22 Seconds (Women's Murder Club #22) by James Patterson 

Patterson's WMC is always a fun read, and the 22nd edition doesn't disappoint. SFPD Detective Lindsay Boxer and her FBI consultant husband, Joe Molinari work together to solve two cross over crimes: huge truckloads of guns and drugs are crossing the Mexico border into San Diego and several cops are turning up dead with stapled lips and "You talk, You Die" written on them. With the help of San Francisco crime reporter Cindy Thomas, ADA Yuki Castellano, and Chief ME Claire Washburn, Lindsay and her WMC friends need to take these big criminals down before the guns and drugs hit California and solve the mystery of the murdered cops. Meanwhile, both Lindsay and Cindy are victims of brutal and intimidating attacks. Can they do it? What do you think? ****

Nothing to Lose (J.P. Beaumont, #25) by J.A. Jance 

My first venture into reading a J. P. Beaumont novel after reading Joanna Brady and Ali Reynolds series novels by J.A. Jance. Didn't disappoint. Wasn't sure I'd like a story about a RETIRED homicide detective turned private eye, but I did indeed. J.P. travels from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska following the trail of his former partner Sue Danielson's son Chris at the behest of Sue's older son, Jared. Danielson was killed by her husband who then turned the gun on himself 15 years ago leaving the two boys orphans. Jared hasn't heard from Chris in over ten years. J.P. enlists the help of an Anchorage taxi driver named Twink Winkleman who knows the ins and outs of Anchorage and the small town of Homer, Alaska where Chris was last seen. J.P. needs to uncover who was responsible for Chris's disappearance before other people turn up missing. Great action.  ****

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Sally has been incredibly busy this month, so her reviews will be in the July Pace Setter, but in the meantime, you can see what she is reading:


The Latecomer
by Jean Hanff Korelitz

by Hernan Diaz

When We Were Young
by Richard Roper

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