Tri-City ValleyCats Father's Day Home Run 5k Photoessay

by Chris Bishop

As I drove up to the Joe Bruno Stadium ready to take pictures, I knew I was in the right place as I saw people running on the road and around the parking prepping for the race.

As I parked my car, I saw a father and son get out of their car ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

I walked toward the stadium and saw lines of people lined up registering for the great day ahead of them. The air was electric with the accumulated energy.

In the entrance I saw Dallas DeVries with his family happily awaiting running with his sons.

A racer who looked like Captain America

                           A school team eagerly waiting for the start

                                    Colorful sneakers everywhere

                    Southpaw frolicking about spreading merriment

                                   The race began: Off and running

      As the runners flew across the course, refreshments were being
            prepared including hotdogs for their triumphant return

        Southpaw delighted volunteer Karen Dott at the Finish Line

     But the first to cross was Richard Graham, #17, 16:51, pace 5:27

                          ... and Brina Seguine, #32, 19:54, pace 6:26

                   Next came the kids' race and were they excited!

The awards ceremony started with the top male and female winners
       followed by honors in 27 age categories including 0 to 9 years!
                             Oslo DeVries is 9 and Josslyn Ford is 6.

Click here for Overall Winners

Next came the winners in the Father Daughter Teams:
                               Erika and Bob Irwin

Click here for Father Daughter Awards

                                             Father Son Teams
                                  Gaven and Richard Graham

Click here for Father Son Team Awards

Come back next year to celebrate Father’s Day with us and have a glorious time!!!

Click here for History of the Event

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