2021 On The Run

by Brina Seguine

Every runner wondered before the year was done.

Would we be able to get together and run?

The beginning of the year was looking bleak.

No in-person races any runner could seek.

However, a change took place into the year.

All of the runners started to cheer.

There were virtual runs set in place.

But, we could now have an in-person race.

How did race organizers manage this task?

By staggered starts and wearing a mask.

Everyone was happy to be able to take part.

At big time races as they stood at the start.

Many races came back into action that runners knew.

Friehofer’s, Marathons, and Stockade-athon too.

Of course, there was a bit of doubt.

When variations of COVID came about.

The original, then Delta, then Omicron.

These made runners and others think, “Come on!”

But we’re managing and pulling through.

Getting beyond this pandemic is what we’ll do.

2022 I see virtual races sticking around.

But more in-person races will be found.

This year was crazy and abnormal you bet.

But 2022 will be the best year yet!

Happy running!

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