All I Want for Christmas is ...

by Members of the HMRRC

Prominent runners were asked this question: If money were no object, what running gift for Christmas would you want for yourself or a running partner? Some answers are modest, and others go for the gold, but they are all fun.

Jon Lindenauer

If money was not an objective concern my training and racing would be dramatically different. I would likely work with a nutritionist. I would have a zero-gravity treadmill to augment my miles to be able to train more without risk of injury. I would travel throughout the country and the world more for races. I would maybe have a second home during the wintertime to be able to live somewhere that allows me to train safely outdoors during the wintertime. I had to ask around to find someone willing to transfer their registration for me at a lower cost to be able to compete at the ADK Half-Marathon. I stopped training for triathlons because of how expensive it was to train, have the most competitive equipment and race. So cost is a very real factor for runners.

To answer though more realistically, the thing I would most want is a more updated treadmill. Mine is perfectly functional but I would like one with a monitor display and faster max speed. I spend a great deal of time on the treadmill during the wintertime so it would seem like a good investment.

Michelle Davis

If money was no object, the most expensive best running watch! Coros or Garmin, there is debate which is better

Mary Claire Walker Falatico

Oh, that’s a good question. Either a runcation or going to a beautiful area to run all the trails in the mountains, or a race entry and trip to one of my bucket list races that is across the country. I guess I’m less materialistic and more of an experience-based person.

Jeremy McNamara

An in-house gym with a big TV, treadmill, 2 trainers, lifting rack, stretching area, and storage for 10 bikes and all run/bike gear.

Jeremy McNamara

An in-house gym with a big TV, treadmill, 2 trainers, lifting rack, stretching area, and storage for 10 bikes and all run/bike gear. Oh, and in indoor infinity pool.


A small plow to clear the trails!

Benita Zahn

A new wardrobe of winter running pants. Most of mine are stretched out lol

Megan James

Covering all expenses to a running retreat (like Run Fast Eat Slow or Grit & Growth), or a destination race to someplace exotic!

Aidan Canavan

It would have to be the firefly portable recovery device.

#notsponsored but very cool technology

Alejandro Gauna-

New running shoes. When asked what kind, he replied, “When it comes to gifts, I am not picky.”

Liwei Hao

A new pair of running shoes.

Aaron Major

An endless pool w/ spa attachment (and the pool house to put it in)! I really miss swimming, and all the cross-training benefits ever since our local pool closed

Donna Lustenhouwer

I gave it some thought and believe it or not, I would want Hammer gel as you can't have enough. Also a SPIbelt . For phone or extras. And if they want to spend more. Maybe a small Camelbak..  I like to stay as minimal as possible.

Janne Rand Gilligan

My very own 1-mile track that is operational all winter with endless snow removal services

Danielle Maslowsky

The AlterG treadmill for all the times I get injured.

Mat Nark

I would take a trip to Iten, Kenya

Tom O’Grady

An all-expenses paid training trip to Arizona or Colorado.

Brina May

I would like an unlimited supply of ASICS running shoes, bra tops, spandex shorts and leggings, lightweight long sleeve tops, and a full body massager. However, I would also like for all the runners to be able to have whatever shoes, clothing, etc. for themselves as well.

Kristen Hislop

An infrared sauna!

Abbi Wright

Probably a zero gravity treadmill. An AlterG

Liz Chauhan

Oh my, a real coach/nutritionist that could work with me daily. I also would love a real home gym with space for all my training equipment and room for stretching / yoga.

Colleen Ottalengo-McGarry

High end treadmill in a finished basement with TRX and other strength training equipment and a dedicated personal trainer and coach ??

Oooo, maybe a chef too.

Jessica Northan

Running vacation to Alaska; I want 24 hours of daylight running, and Alaska is the only state I have yet to visit!

Alejandro Gauna

Running shoes

Bob Irwin


Megan Kopp

I would say the Garmin Forerunner 255

Nathan Laing

A small plow to clear the trails!

Alyssa Hall Risko

I use Huma gels for fuel and Nuun tablets for electrolytes. The Huma gels are easy on my stomach!

William Colvin

An extended trip to a destination marathon for our family - Paris? Reykjavik? Great Wall?

Josh Merlis

I would hire 3 full-time employees (race director, warehouse/truck/equipment manager, ARE club administrator) so I could run more and work less.

Tom Gabriel

I would want an all expenses paid trip & registration to the Tokyo marathon. Any takers find and message me on Facebook!

Sarah Parks

A Strava subscription

Joe Sullivan

I would buy an endless pool and cool out!

David Glass

How about a pair of Smartwool socks? Good for keeping your feet warm on cold days. You can't beat wool.

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