Pace Setter Coaching Special Issue

by Mary Claire Walker and Chris Bishop

We at The Pace Setter thought it would be a service to runners in our area to inform you about the vital role that coaches play in improving running and who the top coaches are in our region. The coaches were surveyed with a questionnaire devised by Mary Claire Walker that will give you a great idea as to their background and why they are uniquely suited to help you improve your running skills while enjoying too.

Topics Covered

Why Coaches Fill a Need for Runners

How to Become a Coach

11 Coach Interviews (created by Mary Claire Walker and listed alphabetically by last name.)

Karen Bertasso

Lauren Carnahan

Michael DiNicola

Kristin Hislop

Megan James

Nicholas Marcantonio

Mark Mindel

Mat Nark

Tom O’Grady

Dick Vincent

Brian Yates

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