Lauren Carnahan: Coach Interview Questionnaire

What is your background/qualifications that led you to coaching?

I coached cross country when I was a teacher living in western NY. Eventually when I moved to the Capital Region, I decided to take the Road Runners Club of America coaching course (Level 1).

 Years of experience coaching? Years of experience running.

Years of experience coaching cross country- 3
Years of coaching RRCA- 4
Years of experience running- 15

Do you have a personal coach, why or why not?

I do not have a personal coach. Over the years, I have run for fun and as a stress reliever. I didn’t really run my first marathon or start racing competitively until years after I started running. It was then, that I decided to take the coaching course.

What distances do you specialize in/PRs in those distances?

I tend to specialize in the half marathon and marathon. I am by no means one for short distances.

Half Marathon- 1:27

Marathon- 3:03

Do you program unique schedules for each athlete, or have pre-written programs for specific distances/time goals. How do you program around your athletes schedules?

I offer unique schedules for each athlete and also meet with them regarding their schedules. It is important to understand their distance, time, and goals.

Do you specialize in coaching specific distances and or surfaces? I.e. road or trail?

I specialize in both road and trail; I’ve raced both and also enjoy both. In terms of distances, all.

Do you prescribe cross-training as a part of your training schedule?

Yes, cross-training is very important in having a balanced training cycle. It also helps with keeping athletes injury free.

Do your athletes have the ability to contact you as needed? Or are check-ins planned on a weekly/monthly basis?

Athletes can contact me whenever they need to.

What is your first step when an athlete comes to you with pain or injury?

My first step is to have them rest and go see a specialist. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose.

 Do you offer free consultations to your prospective clients?


What medium do you deliver your plans in?

I do not have a technological platform.

 What is the address of your coaching website/Best way to contact you.

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