Electric City 5M – March 12

Nicholas is on the right and Jake Andrews is on the left

Nicholas Marcantonio – 1st Overall 26:53

Hey! It was a fun race, slippery conditions with the snow coming down, but made for an almost cross country style race, which I enjoy. My Friend Jake and I ran it together most of the way, so we paced off each other. Jake was 2nd-27:20

Jon Lindenauer-5th Overall

I scaled back my expectations when I saw the forecast for the race but I told myself I would just try to focus on effort and staying in the mix with the top guys. I was slipping around for pretty much the entire race from start to finish, I almost wiped out on many occasions, but I stayed upright and was happy with the end result. No matter how good and how experienced you are as a runner, these were very tough conditions for racing. So I think anyone who made it through should give themselves credit. [Ed. Note: So do I!]

Tyler Morrisey - 6th Overall

It was more challenging than I thought it would be. I wore the Nike Alphaflys and they had no grip on the road, so that part I could’ve done better on preparing for, but overall I think it was a fun event. I like running and racing in the challenging conditions, as it makes the race more exciting to me.

Pete Rowell-8th Overall

It was a lot of fun. The weather forced me to throw out the time and just race, something I hadn't done in a long time. I started my watch at the start but didn't look at it once. It was a nice change of pace just getting out there and simply racing.

Thomas Gabriel

The hardest part was keeping my eyes open to see. But just the fight against the snow took my mind off everything else. Focus went to staying upright and moving forward. So that made it fun and took the pressure off running a PR. I felt like being a kid playing out in the snow!

Tricia Longo – 2nd Overall for Females

The conditions were certainly tough.  Before today I had never raced in a blizzard! A big thank you to ARE and all of the volunteers!

Nicole Moslander- 3rd Overall Female

It was honestly a lot of fun. I was more happy that I did not have to shovel myself out of the driveway before the race lol. The snow just took the aspect of getting out there for time away, so it was great to be able to enjoy the snow and laugh about the conditions. Definitely a fun experience.

Peter Teal

It was quite an adventure. I’ve been training outside all winter, but I certainly don’t like running when it’s snowing horizontally. Of course, all that changes on race day. When everyone out there is going through the same thing, it makes the race unique and fun. I’m sure we’ll be taking about today’s race for years to come.

Allison Thayer

It was a lot of fun out there :) It’s nice to have some challenging weather where you can set aside time expectations and just be out there with all the other crazy people!

               Mike Langevin on left, and TJ Sherman

Mike Langevin

Not rain or snow could stop us from attending the Electric City 5 mile race held this morning in Schenectady. ARE Productions found a safe way to make this event come alive for its second year. I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen or if we should run it due to safety concerns but decided to go for it. Crossing the finish line was so uplifting in all that snow, realizing we had not only accomplished it but beat Mother Nature! No doubt she came in last place in everyone’s minds in today’s race!

                            Joe is a snow veteran

Joe Sullivan

We are lucky that we live so close (8 minutes away) to the venue! My wife and I were able to make a late decision based on the conditions about an hour before the race. The conditions weren't that bad so we ventured down. As the race started, the roads and bike path had accumulated a layer of slippery snow that changed the race plan. It was a pretty quick realization that being sure-footed was the priority. So, a pace and stride adjustment made the race much more enjoyable. I give Josh M. an immense amount of credit for creating a safe and fun atmosphere for runners. I mean... securing a whole floor of a parking garage to ensure runners' comfort and safety? Just as important as Josh, however, are the volunteers who stood out in crazy conditions to keep us going in the right direction and point out super slick spots... all with a smile!

Nathan Laing

I personally loved the conditions today.  I also saw several smiling faces out there enjoying this March snowstorm.  I decided to run with my Topo trail shoes which made for more confident footing, especially ascending the small hills over bridges and around corners.  It was one of those days you had to make a series of decisions on how you will “March” on knowing what is in our control and what is beyond our control, and adapting accordingly!

Michelle Davis

I didn't change my expectation until I got to the start. I was ready to run fast and was excited to do so. The course was worse than expected and running fast was impossible, my shoes had no grip. On to the next race! What a day for the 2nd annual Electric City 5 Miler. This has quickly become my favorite race because it's on my home turf, Schenectady. The course is easy and beautiful and I know the roads inside and out. I was 3 minutes off my expected time, but had the same time as last year and it was easy. So, it was fitness gained. @riverscasinony and @thelandinghotelny were gracious enough to give the whole first floor of the garage to stay out of the snow and allowed us in the warm lobby with real bathrooms. I can't wait to rock it next year.

Chuck Terry

It was a fun race, great having the parking garage as a shelter next to the start. The footing was terrible, you had to take real caution on all the turns and declines. I worked on keeping my feet more centered and landing mid foot, while taking shorter, quicker strides with the snow. I do most of my running at night so I've run in a fair amount of snow over the years. This was a race to remember, and one of my last ones as an open runner.

Wudu Girma times-2021 and 2022!

Wudu Girma

I think today was an experience that helped me. Just knowing to have the right attire, and to just keep moving forward because there was nothing that could be done about the weather. If I was a new runner, I think I would have crumbled.

Alyssa Bove

When I woke up yesterday morning and looked outside, I knew we were in for an interesting morning! I live just down the road so wasn’t too worried about travel, which was good. One step outside and I realized how whipping the wind was and how hard it was snowing, plus the slippery sidewalks didn’t help! I was grateful to have finished in some harsh conditions and now we can all say we ran through a blizzard. It was crazy out there!

John Modoski

"Running in the snow...yes, it's fun!" Great seeing everyone again. I will run it next year because it is " but the slush and wind blowing snow in the face was not so great " Through the slush I was able to enjoy some great views and scenery as well. I will run it again next year because it is an amazingly run race, but hopefully without a bomb cyclone predicted.

         John Scranton, Lauren and Liwei Hao

I'm originally from Buffalo so this race made me feel right at home! This is my favorite 5 mile race in the area, I'll definitely be back next year, no matter the weather, but I'm hoping they won't forecast another bomb cyclone! Haha!

Jamal Vazquez

Enjoyed every second of it. Not often have I raced on conditions like this! Quite an experience.

Kathy VanValen

I was excited but nervous about driving home after. Having run the Syracuse Half Mararhon during a blizzard in 2016, I knew what was possible and was happy today was not quite like that. I had to be focused and thoughtful about the footing. I'm running the NYC Half Marathon next weekend and didn't want to injure myself. It was a fun and well done race. Much appreciation to the volunteers who were out in those conditions. Also, I met with my friend Diana! We were in it together and the good company made it a great adventure.

Alan Finder

I had to shift my expectations, for sure. I was feeling really fit and excited to race, but I can't control the weather. The footing was awful, so I didn't even consider wearing super shoes because I was scared of falling. I knew the course had some twists and turns and I wasn't confident in those shoes. The shoes I wore today? Hoka Clifton 7 with 400 miles on them. So, yes they were a little old.  But it turned out well.

Kristin Hislop

I always tell my athletes to control what you can control and then adapt. Reid and I went dressed for the weather that was to come and enjoyed the journey to the finish line. I give everyone credit for running a 5 mile with almost non-existent traction. Great treats from Bountiful Bread after the race. The BEST chocolate chip scone !

                                        3rd from left

Ben Heller

Electric City 5 Miler: Sometimes you just have to take a short-term loss for long term gain. I lost my footing almost immediately and kind of just focused on staying upright, especially with unforeseen cracks/potholes.. I wasn’t going to risk it on dead tired legs after a 15 mile warmup including pre-race strides in very slippery footing, but on the plus side I maintained goal marathon pace on dead legs in a blizzard...

Electric City 5 Miler Race Results

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Here's the list of the volunteers without whom the race could not have happened. Many thanks!

Habib Affinnih
Zoe Barclay
Mike Becker
Nicholas Bernard
Matthew Brom
Emily Chromczak
Dave Cole
Maureen Cox
Bill Davis
Larissa DiPace
Kim Donegan
Julia Durgee
Dave Durkin
Paul Forbes
Nicholas Funk
Edward Gillen
Edward Gravelle
Joe Hayter
Kharmin Hemraj
Betsy Henry
John Hurley
Sierra Liotta
Ed Litts
Christina Macfarlane
Joy McManaman
Charity McManaman
Jordan Mentzel
Edward Meyer
Mark Mindel
David Nagengast
Lynne Nagengast
David Newman
Gary Robinson
Steven Sweeney
Richard Vincent
Donnelly Whitehead

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