Dick Vincent: Coach Interview Questionnaire

What is your background/qualifications that led you to coaching?

I began running in 1972. By the late 1970s I was organizing training groups and track workouts for those groups. I received my USATF Coaching Certification in 1986. I then coached Saugerties High School Varsity Track and Field for 2 years. I became the coach of the Albany Running Exchange in 2011. The summer of 2012 I spent 8 days at the USATF Coaching Academy at U.N.L.V. and received my USATF Level 2 Coaching Certification. In 2014 I was accepted, and I spent 8 days at the Olympic Training Center earning both my USATF Level 3 Coaching Certification and my I.A.A.F. Level 5 Coaching Certification with distinguished honors.

Years of experience coaching? Years of experience running?

I have been officially coaching for 36 years. I have been running for 50 years.

Do you have a personal coach, why or why not?

Currently I do not. However, I do often talk with Mike Barnow, coach of the Westchester Track Club. He is both a mentor and a personal friend.

What distances do you specialize in/PRs in those distances?

I coach all distances from 800 meters on the track to 100+ mile ultra trail runs. My personal records are: mile: 4:35, 5k: 15:55, 5 miles: 26:40, 30Km: 1:50:30, Marathon: 2:39, 50 miles (trail): 7:19, 100 miles (Western States 100): 21:46.

Do you program unique schedules for each athlete, or have pre-written programs for specific distances/time goals? How do you program around your athlete’s schedules?

I write individual schedules for every runner, depending on their ability, experience, and schedule. I have an overall plan for them but each week I put together a schedule depending on their progress. I take into consideration their family obligations, the work obligations, etc. I do keep everyone's training plan and refer back to them.

Do you specialize in coaching specific distances and or surfaces, i.e. road or trail?

I have coached athletes from 800 meters on the track to 100 miles on mountain trails.

Do you prescribe cross-training as a part of your training schedule?

Yes, I do prescribe cross-training, depending on the athlete's needs and durability. Each athlete has their own limit to running fitness but often can get more aerobic benefit from cross training when their running body won't tolerate more training. One of my athletes who trains twice a week on a bike won the Oil Creek 100 Mile Trail Run this year. I have athletes who supplement with biking, swimming, pool running, rowing, etc.

Do your athletes have the ability to contact you as needed? Or are check-ins planned on a weekly/monthly basis?

Runners can contact me whenever needed. From my perspective as a coach, more communication is better than less.

What is your first step when an athlete comes to you with a pain/niggle/ or injury?

Every situation is different, depending on where the pain is and how severe. Often, I can offer a suggestion that helps remedy it. However, if it persists more than a couple of days or if it is acute pain, I recommend a medical professional. In the meantime, if there is a cross training method that doesn't affect that pain, we will go to cross training (with medical professionals’ approval).

Do you offer free consultations to your prospective clients?

Yes, I do. I prefer to talk with them to see if I am the right fit for them and if they are the right fit for me.

What is the address of your coaching website?

WWW.DickVincent.com (it needs updating LOL).

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