Volunteers Desperately Needed for the Stockade-athon!

by Chris Bishop

A truth that most people do not realize is that races are made up of more than runners.  The other essential part of the equation is volunteers. 

Volunteers perform many indispensible functions. Volunteers are needed for the safety of the runners, pedestrians and drivers. They man stations along the route ensuring that runners make the right turns, protect them from road traffic, and control traffic.  In addition, if there is an emergency, they are nearby and will help.  They handle registration and any attendant problems.  They dispense race booty such as t-shirts, hats or whatever.  Their domain is also the water stops and refreshments. Plus they do more.

As you can see, volunteers are as crucial to races as are the runners.  One could not be without the other.

If you volunteer to help at the Stockade-athon, one of the largest 15K races in the country, you will receive a t-shirt, a coupon for a free lunch, and the knowledge that you are helping the racing community in the Greater Albany area and across the U.S.

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