Five, Four, Three, Two, One ... Happy New Running Year!

by Brina Seguine

As we head into the New Year.
The way we will run doesn’t seem clear.
Will we be able to run in groups?
Or will we be lonely on our routes?
At least if we have to train on our own.
We know that we are not alone.
There are coaches to help with training doubts.
They use helpful websites to post weekly running workouts.
Along with how we’ll train there’s another question we’ll face.
In the New Year, how exactly will we race?
When we race across the nation.
Will we run virtually, in-person, or some combination?
I miss the gathering of runners in front of me and behind.
I also miss the rush of running through the finish line.
Some of the races couldn’t be held and were gone.
But for some others, the show went on.
I will admit virtual running wasn’t exactly the same.
But I still excitedly looked through results for my name.
Also, there might be more lonely races for us to weather.
However, I know that this will not go on forever.
So with this odd year about to be done.
We’ll head into the New Year five, four, three, two, one!

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