2021 Running Resolutions

                                                                   Nathan Laing

Resolutions are the blessing and bane of every new year where hopes intersect with reality. The goals in 2021 are tempered by the pandemic, which has truly changed our existence. Hopefully with vaccinations becoming available in the coming months, running will return as we knew it pre-pandemic.  Here is what our runners are hoping to achieve in this precarious environment.

Bill Bean

My primary goal is to stay healthy. Next would be to stay motivated and enjoy getting out with my running friends. I’m afraid competitive running may be out of the question for the near future, so I’d like to focus on enjoying being out there with good friends.

Bill Hoffman

I am just hoping to run Cascade Crest 100 next year. Also want to do some more bike run adventures. Hosting another event with Mountain Dog Running is also a goal.

Benita Zahn

Complete to OneCaresNY 300 miler, toe a start line (and cross the finish) and run a half marathon- 2020 ‘nonsense’ got in the way

Jon Lindenauer

Complete another marathon, improve my times in various race distances, avoid any serious injuries, and be an asset to my team.

Liz Chauhan

To keep running and stay healthy. I don't have specific goals. I just want to be able to run. I do speed work once a week, a medium long, and a long run. I started 3x week of strength and I ride my indoor bike 6-7x a week, too. I just want to keep healthy. That is most important to me. I don't know if I am ready to do real life racing even in 2021 - I don't think I will be comfortable around that many people for a long time.

Connie Smith

To continue as I have done since March 2020, which is to maintain a decent base (35-40 miles a week) without expectation of race goals.  That is not to say I won’t run in a few ARE races, but to tap into the pure child-like enjoyment of running, many times without a watch, is an unexpected gift.

Derrick Syaley, USATF Track and Field Championship
                                 Medal Winner

Derrick Staley

My running goals for 2021 are 1st is to stay healthy, continue to build base with 50 miles weekly, break the 60-mile record, continue racing 5,10k road racing competition, lastly motivating [eople that health and fitness is very important!!

Stephanie Mumford Brown

My 2021 goal is to run my first half-marathon with happy feet, even if the rest of me isn’t so thrilled

Barbara Bradley

To run the half I didn’t run last year, which was to be my first.

Cheryl Reaulo Hutchinson

No goals for me so far. Not sure how this whole pandemic thing will play out. For now, I'll just keep up on my running.

Andy Reed

Hopefully we will resume regular racing by summer or fall. I'd still like to run under 1:20 for the half marathon before I turn 50 in June -- have 4 months to find about a minute at the H2H half in April. Thinking about a possible fall marathon and returning to Boston at age 50 or 51. I'd like to work on the 5k a bit and see if I can get close to 17:00.

Mary Claire Walker

Running wise, to stay healthy and work on increasing my speed. Race wise, I have a couple lined up, COVID-19 restrictions permitting. I have LOST 118 mi in February, Race4Warriors, which is a marathon with my boyfriend in May, Rock the Ridge 50 mi in September in the Shawangunk Mountains and Across the Years 24 hr. race in December if it is held.

Sarah Wood Piper

To improve my marathon time...I would like to achieve a low 3:40s. My longer-term goal is get below 3:40 so this a step in that process

Sean Donegan

Not sure.  Just hoping considering the times.  I’ll focus more on trail running since it is more likely to happen as opposed to road races.  I will hope to find a decent trail half to train for.

          Jennifer Rainka Casey is in the middle

Jennifer Rainka Casey

To keep running for enjoyment & hopefully do at least one in person race in 2021.

Bob Irwin

I would like to stay healthy. If I can do that, then break 1730 in 5k and 120 in half marathon.

Lauren Carnahan

To stay healthy and injury free.

Ginny Pezzula

My only plan is to keep up with long runs. Otherwise, no scheduled races.

Kelly Virkler

I don’t have anything specific.  I think 2021 is still too unpredictable to set a specific race goal or sign up for too many races.  I’ll just keep running for fun and play it by ear.

Mat Nark

To help as many of my athletes CRUSH their spring racing goals!

Stephanie Wilkinson

I’m working through a chronic injury, so mine is just simply to run pain free!

Jessica Yanko

Finish 70.3 Blue Ridge in June!! Get stronger not necessarily faster. I’d like to go farther.

Rick Munson

Going to just try to keep in shape. Hopefully run 1,000 miles this year coming up. Maybe do a few races when they get a better handle on the COVID virus. Have a happy new year

Nathan Laing

Better optimize fueling options for running, continuing to build trust and confidence with my teammates. As for race goals for 2021; sub 2:45 marathon, 1:17 half. Most importantly, continue to love running and the journey it takes all of us on.

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