Should you run after getting the Covid Vaccine?

by Christine Bishop

As a runner, the big conundrum you face is should you resume your regular running program after receiving the vaccines. As you probably know there are two shots of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine with the second coming weeks after the first. Most people feel fine after the shots, but if you should have aftereffects like a sore arm, fatigue, achiness, or a headache with chills, it would be best to rest and resume exercise when you feel better. However, if you have no ill effects after receiving the vaccines, there is no reason why you should not resume your regular running schedule.

Dr. Jordan D. Metzl, a well-known sports medicine specialist wrote the following urging runners to be careful about returning to sports if they have suffered even a mild case of Covid-19.

Exercise After Covid-19: Take it Slow.

In its Wellness section, the NY Times featured an extremely helpful article dealing with questions you may have about the vaccine, answered by prominent health and science reporters that is a must read.

Answers to All Your Questions About Getting Vaccinated for Covid-19

By the New York Times, January 27, 2021

Finally, Runner’s World has a definitive piece about how getting vaccinated can affect your running that is answered by experts in the field.

What Runners Should Know About the COVID-19 Vaccines

Whatever you do, you can prepare yourself for what is to come after you are lucky enough to receive your vaccinations. Knowledge about what to expect and what your response may be, is always helpful, but one of the best pieces of advice is to follow what your body is telling you and take it from there.

Happy Running

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