Flyin’ FAST Frosty 5k

by Stephen Hallgren

While the Flyin’ FAST Frosty 5k was closer to an underground race, than a publicly available race–you had to know people who knew people–it was nonetheless officially, and safely, timed by ARE and sponsored by Nark Running & Strength. This was the second race I ran this year, with the Come Run in 2021 Road Mile being the first. While I tried to unsuccessfully go sub-20, I still hit a new 5k PR. Meanwhile the likes of Tyler Morrissey, Jon Lindenauer, Nathan Laing, and plenty of others, cranked out blazing fast times despite windy, snowy and frigid temps.

While I didn’t hit the pace goal I had intended on achieving, I did achieve my goal of getting a post-race coffee and Cider Belly donut at the Vischer Ferry General Store. In fact I bought the very last non-gluten free donut they had, and I’m pretty sure we collectively purchased every single baked good they had in their store.

Race Results

Top Overall

1. Tyler Morrissey / 15:50 / 5:06

2. Jon Lindenauer / 16:08 / 5:12

3. Nathan Laing / 17:15 / 5:33

4. Matt Conant / 17:43 / 5:42

5. Jakob Irwin / 17:49 / 5:44

6. Christine Myers / 17:50 / 5:45

7. Melissa Hine / 18:01 / 5:48

8. Jonathan Hentrich / 18:48 / 6:03

9. Amber Coppolo / 19:16 / 6:12

10. John Meddaugh / 19:23 / 6:15

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