Going With the Flow During COVID-19

by Brina Seguine

Since the showing of COVID-19 over a month ago.

There’s so many answers that I don’t know.

I’ve been staying as positive as I can.

While many activities are getting the ban.

I’ve been getting taken aback.

By everyday events getting cancelled and pushed back.

When will I go back to work to see a student’s smiling face?

When will I be able to do my next road race?

When will I be able to participate in league at weekly pool?

Not being able to do these is not so cool.

There are not many consistencies, but here’s one.

I’m still on the road every day for a run.

I’m still seeing my family, boyfriend and friends.

It may be different, but it’s good until this ends.

Even though some things may seem strange or wrong.

I’m seeing the familiarities and I’m able to be strong.

So there are so many answers I do not know.

However, I’m doing my best to go with the flow.

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