HMRRC Winter Series 5 Photo Essay

by Habib Affinnih

My name is Habib Affinnih. I am a sophomore at SUNY Albany majoring in computer science and minoring in art. I have been involved in photography for about four and a half years now. My journey into photography began in high school where I ran cross country and track for almost all four years, missing only one season. During the cross country season of my sophomore year, I began taking photos of our meets on my smartphone. I loved capturing them and having something to share with my friends and to look back on. This continued throughout high school as my passion for photography grew and my horizons widened. I got my first DSLR during my senior year and haven't put it down since.

Once I joined the UAlbany community, I got involved in any photo related clubs I could find. I joined the University Photo Service, the Albany Student Press, and even grabbed the attention of one of my professors who has opened countless more photography opportunities for me. I spent my freshman year shooting sports and events around campus for the newspaper and my professor. Since then, I have gone from simply contributing to the paper to becoming its photo editor. I have also supervised a small group of photographers to capture events such as the WCI (Writing and Critical Inquiry) Film Festival and Lecture Series. When I'm not in class or running around campus capturing photos of events, I can be found tutoring in the Science Library.

Although I don't run nearly as much as I used to in high school, I still enjoy photographing the sport and interacting with its kind and diverse community.

Habib kindly took pictures at our Winter Series 5.  I am including a sampling below.  To view them in their entirety, click here. We thank him for his superb work and look forward to him covering other races the HMRRC runs on the Albany campus.

Click here for all of Habib's pictures

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