Going for the Gold

by Cheryl Reaulo Hutchinson

Let’s face it...you start to slow down as you get older. I’m 52 years old and not a fast runner at all. However, I haven’t allowed my age to stop me. 

With that being said, I decided to reach for a more unique goal.

Luckily a friend told me about another type of award that I may be eligible for. The USATF Phidippides Award which is designed for master runners. I decided to look into it and set a goal to “go for the gold”.  I was going to run as much as I could and finish as many races as I could so that I could get that award.

The way the award works is designed is that for every race you sign up for and complete, you earn points. The higher the total points, the higher level award you get)

In 2019 I ran a battery of races consisting of different distances from a mile races to a half marathon (below). I even ran 2 races in one day on July 4, which was really fun and a first time for me.

                                                 Cheryl is third from left

Bill Hogan 3.5 Miler
HMRRC 3 Miler
HMRRC 4.5 Miler
Running of the Green
Cherry Blossom
Have a Drink on Me 5k
Mother’s Day  5K
Steel Rail 8k
Freihofer's Run 5k
Capital City Classic 10k
Clifton Park Mile
Firecracker 4
Boilermaker 15k
Schroon Lake Half
Albany Oktoberfest 5k
Chicago 5k
Revolutionary Run for Veterans

I totaled up all the points from the races that I ran and I DID IT!! I reached the gold!

It took a few weeks, but I got my plaque. I was so happy and had such a sense of accomplishment.

With a little motivation and determination, you can do anything. We always have to remember that we are lucky to be able to do what we can do...crossing every start and finish line. Speed doesn’t matter…just keep moving forward.

My new goal is to go for the gold again! I will continue to challenge myself to attain new levels in my running. Once I reach and receive five gold awards, I will be eligible for a crystal award. I am keeping my eye on the prize! Never limit yourself to self-doubt. As you push yourself to do what you are passionate about, you will see that nothing is impossible!

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