Altamont Leap Day Race

by Christine Bishop

Coach Phil Carducci is famous for creating numerous races, with many age categories, loads of medals, and coupons to local restaurants as door prizes.   However, there was one that eluded him until 2020 when Leap Day fell on Saturday, February 29, necessitating a 2.29 mile distance.

Many celebrants realizing this was a once in four-year event came to race and walk knowing they were setting a 2.29 PR and having a great time. The weather cooperated with just a sprinkling of snowflakes and spirits were high.

To some the day was significant.  Marcia Adams, for the first time ever was seen in a race rather than behind a desk volunteering as she has so generously done for decades!

This was the first race for Charles Bishop in five years who at age 84 felt great to be on the road again competing once again.

Many kids also participated for the first time in this fun race.

Thank you, Phil.

                                                                Phil directing

                                                             Phil giving medals

                                                            Top three finishers

Race Results-Top Ten

1 314 Rogotzke, Evan M19 Delanson, NY 13:12.00

2 339 Wilson, Jake M18 Pattersonville, NY 13:18.00

3 268 Irwin, Robert M47 Guilderland, NY 13:26.00

4 328 Stephenson, Mark M56 Esperance, NY 14:14.00

5 345 Zeeb, Tyler M17 Cairo, NY 14:25.00

6 259 Guthan, Jonathan M43 Scotia, NY 14:44.00

7 344 DiGiovanni, Dante M19 Purling, NY 15:08.00

8 347 Hannon, Sean M37 Guilderland, NY 15:11.00

9 294 Mercado, Samuel M57 Albany, NY 15:11.00

10 221 Cetnar, Joe M42 Fort Johnson, NY 15:39.00

Click here for complete results including age-graded prizes

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