by Josh Merlis
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon has been canceled and rescheduled for August 29. Josh Merlis gives us details and something to look forward to. For full article, click here

by Bill Hoffman
Women are well represented running on roads, but not trails. Bill Hoffman interviewed a score of female trail runners to gather data to analyze why this is so. From the responses he received, he hypothesizes on why there are fewer women running trails even though many are the equal or better than men. He attached his spreadsheet so that you can draw your own conclusions. For full article, click here

by Benita Zahn
Other than being a well-known co-anchor on NewsChannel 13 and host of Health Beat on, Benita is engaged in a slew of other activities, from writing a health column in the Times Union, community service of all sorts, running marathons, competing in triathlons, acting, singing, and cooking vegetarian delicacies. So when we asked an already overtaxed person if she would write a column for The Pace Setter, she instantly e-mailed back her acceptance, much to our total delight … and The Healthy Runner was born. For full article, click here

by Habib Affinnih
Habib is a sophomore at SUNY Albany majoring in computer science and minoring in art. Photography is one of his passions. In high school he ran track and began to dabble in photography. Today he is the photo editor of the campus newspaper specializing in sports. He kindly took the photos at our Winter Series 5 with amazing results for you to view. For full article, click here

by Jim Tierney
This year marks the 40th running of the Bill Robinson 10K, a race that only those 40 years or older can run. It is a difficult course that would challenge younger runners but our Masters are up to it. The Bishops will be there taking pictures for posterity. For full article, click here

by Ben Heller
This is the second installment of Ben Heller's existential analysis of life as seen through the runner's perspective." If we look at running/life like baking a fresh loaf of bread, then resiliency is the gluten. If resiliency is the gluten, then running is the yeast. It raises the best traits in all of us." For full article, click here

Reviewed by Tom O'Grady
Tom reviews a book that will be loved by all who find dogs irresistible for going on long hikes and runs or sauntering around with them through tree lined paths. The book contains gems of information of where to bring your dogs for great sports adventures. If you own a dog, it will be thrilled that you read this book. For full article, click here

by Christine Bishop
What could be as rare as a Leap Day Race that falls on a Saturday? The next Leap Day will not be until Thursday, 2024! So, in the meantime, to everyone participating and to the numerous medal winners since race director Phil Carducci gives awards in 5-year age categories going up to age 80+, enjoy your wins. For full article, click here

by Kristen Hislop
In 2019, Kristen Hislop had an idea to help promote one of the top annual 5K races in America, the Freihofer's Run for Women in Albany, NY, by creating the Ambassador Program. Initially, thirty women applied, but this year over 75 did and their stories were thrilling. For full article, click here

by Cheryl Reaulo Hutchinson
The Gold Phidippides Award is annually given by the USATF for outstanding performance and endurance in long distance running. Cheryl details how and why she won it in 2019 and what her goal is for next year. Congratulations, Cheryl! For full article, click here

by Darryl and Mona Caron
Happy Spring! Please join us for our 15th anniversary ADIRONDACK SPORTS SUMMER EXPO with free admission on Saturday-Sunday, March 21-22 at the Saratoga Springs City Center! The expo has become upstate New York’s annual gathering of the sports, fitness and travel community! With over 200 exhibitors there is something to delight athletes and shoppers of all stripes. For full article, click here

by Russ Ebbets
"There are few people who wake up race day morning and say, 'I think I’ll have a bad race today.' But planned or unplanned, the longer one competes the greater the probability that a “bad race” and a t-shirt may be all one has to show for a race day’s effort." Our columnist Russ Ebbets has been nominated for the 2020 Track and Field Writers of America award for his book, A Runner's Guide to 30 Years of Off the Road. Congratulations, Russ. We hope you win!! For full article, click here

by Anouk Booneman
Anouk goes into the popularity and origin of Buddha bowls and supplies a wealth of variants you can make. The recipes are plant based and vegan with some being able to create several days in advance. If you are not tempted after reading this to go to the kitchen immediately or to the store to buy ingredients, it will be surprising. They are yummy, exotic and wildly healthful. Also, Anouk highlights some events she and Danielle Maslowsky are sponsoring. For full article, click here

In this series of Meeting our Runners, we have profiles from Daniele Cherniak, Tom O'Grady, Michelle Davis, Bill Hoffman and Jessica Northan. If you are an HMRRC member and would like to participate, please contact the editor at the link of the bottom of this page. Enjoy their responses. For full article, click here

by Jim Gazzale
This month's Food for Thought column is the third in a series where Gazzale discusses proper nutrition for endurance athletes. This month he focuses on the importance of carbohydrates in the endurance athlete’s diet. For full article, click here

by Mark Mindel and Sally Drake
Both Mark and Sally are athletes in addition to being readers. Sally is a member of Willow Street and Mark has the honor of winning the 1979 Montreal Marathon in 2:26:33, and his son Scott in 2013 ran the Boston Marathon in 2:22:25. He loves to read too. For full article, click here

by Theresa DeLorenzo, RD
Protein is necessary for optimal performance, but how much is enough? Dr. DeLorenzo tells us how to figure out our body's need. This is good to know because either too little or too much can cause harm. Also, on March 29, she is holding a Winter Wellness Weekend with details given here. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Nancy describes what the Clean Eating Movement is. It sounds wildly healthy, but is it? Here she dishes on the good and the bad unintended consequences it can have. For full article, click here

by Christine Bishop
In this new column, varied but important news and events will be highlighted. Each month, we will list the new members, important races, pivotal articles from the world of running, past Pace Setter issues, and more. Check back later this month to find out events sponsored to celebrate the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon. For full article, click here

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