Blasts From the Past

Last month’s Throwback photos ended with 3 unidentified pictures for you to guess who they were.  With a drumroll and a flourish, all will be revealed!

Josh Merlis

1989 – Kids' race at the Great Neck 5 Miler; 1992 – Junior Olympic Regional Champs at Saratoga Spa State Park

Chris Chromczak and I at one of our bagel sales on the UAlbany campus in 2003. We primarily funded the organization by selling bagels on the UAlbany campus roughly twice a week for our first 3 years.

This is Chuck Terry and me at the 2003 Delmar Dash (I was 21, Chuck was 20).
With Jamie Rodriguez at Winter Series 2003

Liz (Paola) Chauhan and me at the 2003 Indian Ladder Trail Run; and then at Philadelphia Marathon in 2003 with Liz on right, Chris Chromczak 2nd from right.

Maureen Cox

Maureen at 3 years of age; At her senior prom

Maureen and Kevin's wedding; and Maureen holding future runner Paul

Kristen Mellan

            Kristen played soccer at an early age and then competed in track and field

                Kristen today running with her daughter

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