How to Lose Weight While Drinking Wine (or Beer) and Eating Whatever You Want

by Jim Gazzale

Weight loss culture leads us to believe that the lowest calorie option is always the best option. It also has us believe that we need to eliminate certain foods (pizza, pasta, bread), drinks (soda, wine, beer), and even entire food groups (carbs and fats).

Lucky for you, that’s not the key to losing weight and keeping it off long term. Restriction works, but only for so long. We’re human. It’s unrealistic to think you won’t have a few beers and pizza ever again.

So how can you incorporate all your favorite foods into an overall healthy routine? With a flexible diet! This allows you to eat the foods you love and still lose weight. At the same time however, a flexible diet requires you to be well, you know, flexible.

Flexible goes both ways. It’s eating a Reese’s cup or two without guilt and at the same time not eating six of them.

Flexible is enjoying a glass of wine or two at happy hour, while at the same time not downing an entire bottle.

Flexible dieting is a give and it’s a take, it’s a yes and it’s a no. And while there’s no restriction on the foods you can eat, there’s always a restriction on the amount of foods you can eat without gaining weight.

Instead of avoiding certain foods altogether, embrace your ability to say “yes” or “no” to whatever you want, like Linda J. from Schodack who says, "My biggest challenges are controlling my urge to overeat when I am in a social situation, like during work parties, holidays and 'Pizza Friday' at the office; or wanting to eat when I'm upset or lonely. I have always eaten my feelings away. SENS Fitness has taught me strategies to use to remain in control during these situations, that really work.”

I’m making it sound so simple, I know. Don’t get me wrong, it’s challenging to do this effectively. We often give ourselves too much latitude and fail to redirect ourselves when we start to stray.

That’s where your self-awareness and ability to have an honest conversation with yourself truly come in handy. Ryan C. from Cohoes explains it best. He says, “A lot of people will say there’s accountability that comes with being in a program like (The Wine and Weight Loss Program) but I equate it more to self-awareness. To me, accountability carries a negative connotation. Self-awareness is realizing what works, developing strategies and goals.”

Flexibility and self-awareness over guilt and restriction.

                   When you’re ready, here’s how SENS Fitness can help you


The 12-Week Wine and Weight Loss Program Will Help You:

  • Lose up to 20 pounds in 12 weeks
  • Drink wine, eat whatever you want, and still reach your weight loss goals
  • Reduce stress and increase your time for self-care

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  • Lose weight without ever stepping foot in the gym

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