by Christine Bishop
Running in 2019 was a great way to usher in the auspicious new decade, 2020. Globally, two wildly important events occurred in 2019 and locally there was much to distinguish the year. The highlights are broken down monthly with each month a hyperlink to all the articles published in The Pace Setter then. For full article, click here

by Samantha Legere
Samantha's resolution for 2019 was to run a half marathon each month across the United States and she accomplished her goal! Read what motivated her and what her year-long experience was like. For full article, click here

by Christine Bishop
The Pace Setter surveyed members and asked them how many races they ran in 2019, what their total mileage was, and if they had a favorite race or one they enjoyed the most. For full article, click here

by Jessica Northan
The Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club (HMRRC) is currently accepting grant applications from community groups, road race clubs, municipalities, park and trail organizations, and other qualifying entities for programs and projects that advance running opportunities in the Capital Region. For full article, click here

by Jim Gilmer and Josh Merlis
Jim Gilmer and Josh Merlis worked together with a group of three students in a post-AP course that needed something "really challenging." This challenge turned into an award-winning APP honored by the USAFT. Josh said that "without a doubt this was the most rewarding and exciting months I ever spent teaching." For full article, click here

by Josh Merlis
Josh details what it was like to participate in the 2019 USATF National Club Cross Country Championships. Mud was a common element along with rain, winds and dreary skies, but did it stifle the enthusiasm of Josh or the others competing in the event? Absolutely not! For full article, click here

by Tom O'Grady
Eliud Kipchogeset the running on fire by completing a marathon under 2 hours. Some said that it was the shoes that made it possible. Is that possible? Read HMRRC elite runner Tom O'Grady's article to find the answer to this controversial question and review the evolution of the influence Nike running shoes has had on the sport of running. For full article, click here

by Dennis Judd, PT, Cert MDT
Winter is the time that many think and prepare for their runs to come in spring. Sometimes the best-intentioned workouts can cause soreness and discomfort. Judd deals with this topic frequently with his patients and here gives us an idea of how to best deal with these training issues and recommends a book that can be extremely helping for athletes. For full article, click here

by Dr. Todd Shatynski
Dr. Shatynski is updating his 2019 article on winter running to give us tips on how to prepare for the upcoming spring running season and be in tiptop shape. His advice on treadmills is very important since for many this may be their only form of exercise on icy days. For full article, click here

by Alex Hislop
Alex Hislop, a freshman at SUNY Buffalo, a former high school track star and the winner of the Bill Hogan 3.5 miler at Winter Series #2, wrote an honors paper at SUNY Buffalo this fall on gender inequality in track and field dealing with the subjugation of female track and field athletes by officials who are overwhelming male, and the negative influence it has had on the sport and why this is of concern. For full article, click here

by By Samara D. Anderson, Esq.
Stress can take its toll and make a life that others would envy be a nightmare. Is a high salary worth giving up one's enjoyment of life? Samara shares her experiences and her solutions in hope of enlightening you to seek ways that can give you fulfillment in life rather than achieving questionable goals that may make your life untenable. For full article, click here

by Jim Gazzale
"There are multiple ways to track your food intake and consistently eat right for your goals and needs." In this article, Jim will tell you what elements go into this and how you can make them work for you so you can achieve your goals in a healthy manner. For full article, click here

by Anouk Booneman
Anouk's son came home for the holidays with his huge appetite intact. She had to scour her pantries for ingredients to make into a treat. She found some chickpea flour and made a scrumptious treat that was non-gluten, grain free, egg free and high in fiber and protein to which she added vegan cheese. Read how she worked her magic. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Sports nutrition was a hot topic at this year’s annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Exposition (FNCE; October 2019), hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the nation's largest group of nutrition professionals. Nancy keeps us abreast of the latest findings on nutrition for athletes. For full article, click here

Sean’s Run began in 2002 to honor a former HMRRC member and high school running standout Sean French who was killed as a passenger in an underage drunk driving car crash when he was a junior at Chatham High School. The profits from the race are used to support grants to youth groups and schools to combat underage drinking, impaired driving and teens’ lax use of seat belts. For full article, click here

by Phil Carducci
What better way to spend your once in a four year day running a 2.29 mile race in the morning that will help to collect items for our local food pantries? There are prizes galore, including one for the best costume and refreshments for all. If you register by February 19, you will receive an inaugural long sleeve T-shirt for an event that will not occur again for another 4 years! For full article, click here

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
Book critics and elite athletes, Sally Drake and Mark Mindel, went through their book recommendations for 2019 and picked out what they thought the top books of the year were. You can read them in your leisure time when not running and see if you agree. For full article, click here

The Pace Setter Staff truly wishes you a great decade of running starting in 2020 and has included words of wisdom and fun to guide you on your sojourn into the uncharted territory of racing in the next decade, starting with the Hangover Half Marathon! For full article, click here

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